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Mason Jar Christmas Decorations

Updated on November 30, 2015


  • Glue
  • Mason jars, 16 oz (displayed)
  • Cotton balls
  • Glitter, optional
  • Miniature decorations, pine (trees, reindeer, snowmen, etc.)


  1. Gather all your materials.
  2. Open your mason jar and put the lid face down.
  3. Take your decorations (I used mini pine trees that I found at an arts & crafts store) and glue it to the bottom of the lid. You can also use things such as miniature snowmen, figurines, reindeer, etc.
  4. Take some shredded cotton and glue it around the main centerpiece.
  5. (optional) Sprinkle some glitter.
  6. After the glue dries, carefully place the lid back on the jar so that the lid is down and the decorations are up.
  7. Ta-da! Now you can proudly display your new decorations.


1. If you're working with a hot glue gun, be sure to work quickly so the glue doesn't dry before you place everything.

2. If you're working with children, perhaps lay some newspaper down to avoid a huge mess.


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