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Melbourne Birthday Venues

Updated on March 22, 2012

Melbourne is a great city for going out and about - with hundreds of licensed venues in the Central Business District (CBD) alone. Thankfully, many of these bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants offer up private function spaces for birthday parties.

This HubPage is a guide to organising the perfect venue for your next birhday party!

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18th Birthday Ideas

The somewhat infamous coming-of-age birthday celebration has gained a bit of a bad reputation at some Melbourne venues - and many function venues won't agree to a 18th birthday at their licensed venue without even hearing you out.

Some issues you'll need to consider are;

  • Will there be alcoholic beverages served?
  • Will you allow management to turn away patrons that turn up intoxicated? (This is the venue's legal responsibility and arguing will generally solve nothing.)
  • Will there be older adults (e.g. family) present? (Older adults can set an appropriate example for the younger people and set a more responsible tone - generally venues will be much happier if there will be older family members present.)
  • And will a meal be served on the premises?

Generally speaking, venues will be happy to accommodate you if they believe it will be a successful, controlled event. No venue wants a group of intoxicated young people causing hassles for staff, other patrons and one another - make sure you take measures to ensure this won't occur and your guests will respect their surroundings and venue management will be much happier.

In the event you cannot find an appropriate licensed venue, consider hiring a hall - generally scout halls or suburban council/town halls can be hired easily as long as you don't mind doing the "clean up" yourself the next day. Also consider hiring private security guards and notifying the Police of your party - this can help you keep things from getting out of control.

Melbourne Party Venues

Duke of Kent Function Room. La Trobe Street, Melbourne CBD.
Duke of Kent Function Room. La Trobe Street, Melbourne CBD.

21st birthdays and above!

21st birthday parties and above are generally much easier to find venues for as the function managers (or event planners) are more willing to cater to a slightly older crowd (especially if they like to drink). Although you'll need to take into consideration a few different things:

  • Expected guest numbers should not greatly exceed the venue's maximum guest capacity
  • Some venues will require an upfront hiring fee, others require a minimum spend on the bar, others request a combination of the two. Sometimes you can set an initial bar tab to cover all or part of the minimum spend requirements and then patrons can purchase their own drinks (and food) once the bar tab has been exceeded.
  • Feel free to ask the function manager for an inspection, or pop by the venue to have a look around when you think you might be able to get a viewing (2.30-4.30pm or 6.30-8.30pm are generally less busy times where pub staff can spend more time with you).
  • The Internet can be your best friend to browse multiple venues online and save you a lot of unnecessary legwork! Consider having a look at myBirthdayVenue and 21Melbourne which both offer venue information, photos and pricing for over a hundred venues in Melbourne and let you contact the venue managers for free online.
  • Prices will vary for the night of the week you select - Fridays and Saturdays will generally command a premium, whereas mid-week parties can be much cheaper.
  • Be wary that some venues don't let you bring in outside food (even birthday cakes) and some won't allow balloons. Make sure you discuss these items with the function manager before the big day to avoid any potential disappointment.
  • Don't forget to include your phone number on the invitations! It's amazing how many people can get lost looking for your party venue! Also, remember to include the venue address on the invitations and consider adding a web link or map from a website like Melbourne Nightlife to help people find their way.

Venue Suggestions

Loop Bar, Melbourne CBD
Loop Bar, Melbourne CBD
Provincial Hotel, Fitzroy
Provincial Hotel, Fitzroy
Station Hotel, Prahran
Station Hotel, Prahran
James Squire Brewhouse, Melb CBD
James Squire Brewhouse, Melb CBD

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    • melbournebars profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hi Chayla,

      There are some good money saving tips and cheap birthday party ideas at the following address: - namely, save up as much as you can (as it's in November, months away, you can start saving today!), try to limit your bar expenses (you don't have to offer free drinks for all, maybe just put money on the bar for you and your closest mates) and consider moving the date and time of the party to save on costs.

      Hopefully these tips can save you some serious dollars and you can have a great night with your friends and family. Don't forget to check out too, which has information, photos and price ranges for party venues throughout Melbourne - and you can also make sure that the birthday venues are happy to have 18th birthdays without having to ring them all individually.

      Best of luck Chayla and hope you have a great birthday! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hello! Im planning my 18th birthday im sorta on a tight budget!! My birthday is in november im inviteing about 30ish people so can you give me any ideas? It must be cheap though

    • melbournebars profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hi Sarah,

      Hope this response isn't too late.

      $600 is a tight budget for a party, especially if you need to book a venue too.

      But here's a great place to start when finding the perfect venue,

      Happy birthday! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hey, I'm Sarah, and I'm currently trying to organise my 18th and both of my parents are worried because I'm in danger of completely over-blowing my budget - I'm thinking of booking a Murder Mystery host and a function room with finger food, but I need to do it all for about $600 - any ideas? Also, a few of my friends are underage, which some venues don't allow for...

    • melbournebars profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hi Ayan!

      A surprise birthday sounds like a great idea for her! There are lots of fun ways to celebrate without needing a big budget. For the surprise party to really work, you need to get in on somewhere the birthday girl will go on a normal day and surprise her with a collection of close friends and family. If you've got access to her house, this might be the best location for the party - and you'd be able to deck it out in lots of balloons and streamers for under $10 at your local discount store. If that's not available, you might be able to do it at your own place! If you're thinking about inviting quite a few people, and they might not all fit, you might want to look at a function room with no hire fee - you can find them on as well.

      If you're doing it at home, get a collection of cheap party food (frozen party pies etc.) from your supermarket and/or hot chips from your local fish and chips ($5 will normally feed quite a few people!) and get the people you invite to bring their own drinks - or drinks and a plate of food to share if you think people will be up for it.

      And most importantly, especially if it's at her place, make sure you clean up afterwards so she doesn't have to worry about cleaning up after the celebrations are over.

      I hope that's given you a few ideas on having a good birthday celebration without costing a fortune. :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi my names Ayan i wanted to have a surprise 20th birthday for my cousin, shes never had a birthday party, and im currently studying and not working so i cant afford to book a function room. i was wondering if you can hepl in any way?? hope to hear from you soon. Ayan


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