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Merry Christmas To Christ Jesus....

Updated on January 28, 2015

Happy Birthday To Christ Jesus....

It was while working as a security guard at a Brooklyn, New York hospital... when a preacher, who usually passed security on his way to attend to the shut-ins, told three of us, who were stationed in the hospital's lobby, that the Holy Spirit said to inform us that we were more sicker than the patients on the floors. Now, we had respect for this preacher because when we were ignorant about AIDS, this man of God would brave the taboos and minister to mostly these abandoned men and women who were social pariahs, yet we were sicker than they were spiritually. I had grown up with a grandma, on the island of Saint Kitts, who made me go to church regularly until I came to this country in my mid-teens - but I was not a formal Christian... meaning not giving my life to Jesus until that preacher convinced me, along with two others, on that afternoon in 1997. I thank Christ Jesus for his epitome then and for keeping me in HIs stead; however, I could have been enjoying His presence longer for there were clues that Christ Jesus was real.

I should have known that Jesus is the reason... not only for the Christmas season, but all seasons. As a boy, grandma suffered terribly from Arthritis, which had me rubbing her knees with Ben-gay-balm and Bay-Rum to relieve the pains on Saturday nights, yet on Sundays, the Spirit would move her to dance like the Biblical King David to the John Westley (Methodist) songs that paid religious, pious homage to the Lord Jesus. Many an elderly in my hamlet suffered from Arthritis and were assisted by walking sticks, yet they abandoned those sticks temporarily to dance for the Lord. Another clue that Jesus is the Son of God was the fact that when I heard the Hallelujah Chorus on radio, I would tremble and the tears would well up in my eyes for what I thought then was for no apparent reason or hearing the preacher on grandma's portable radio speaking on a Biblical topic, and hearing that same sermon when I went to church on Wednesdays or Sundays, as if these men of God, from different countries had planned for me to hear the same sermon. Only now I know that there aren't any coincidences associated with the Living God through His Son, The Christ and that the Lord had more revelations through His Holy Spirit....

It was thirteen years into my Christianity when he gave me the gift of speaking in Tongues - not even my beloved grandma had it. I say this not to show off or to boast... and to prove my point that it is not every encounter with Christ Jesus is for me a positive encounter: I recalled that I had a dream whereby the Lord chastised me to stop mocking Him; but even in his chastisement... it was done out of love. No matter how enlightened I am - as the world defines that word - I can never, I hope in Christ Jesus, give credence to anything that would deny the Lord, no matter what is being said in the world that is contrary. The Lord Himself said that friendship with the doctrines of the world is enmity with Him; case in benign pious point, any moral issue that is embraced by the world - gay marriage or Abortion - the true Christian would know what is morally right.

Have you ever wondered why Christ says in His Word that it is a Sinful trespass to have sex with a woman without being marriage, mind you, this is sex with a woman, yet, somehow, the world has said that sex is Ok with a man and another man (homosexuals) or a woman with another woman (lesbians) By the way, if you are asking where did Christ deemed sex between a man and a woman a sin (Fornication), remember the woman at Jacob's well (John 4) and again, the woman that was being stoned for Adultery (John 8:1-11), was told go and sin no more - [to no longer have sex with married men]. Despite what Oprah says, there is no other name that one can enter heaven and to underscore that Jesus is the Only way to God is spelled out in the Scripture that says that every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God, the Father. Merry Christmas and happy birthday to the Christ - yes, I know that He may not have been born exactly on this day, nevertheless, He is the Son of the One God, Jehovah!


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