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Merry Zombie Christmas

Updated on December 12, 2011

Are you a fan of the Walking Dead? Are you counting down how many days are left until February 12th when the next episode airs? Here are some cool zombie-themed items for your Christmas wish list to help you pass the time between now and then.

Zombies Versus Survivors Action Figures

Ranging anywhere from $15 - $20 each, you can enjoy making up your own storylines with these minuscule yet realistic Walking Dead action figures. A couple of the zombies include a wind-up feature that, when activated, allows them to shuffle across a hard surface towards their intended victims. Thanks to interchangeable accessories, the human action figures have an even better chance of survival than the Atlanta group does on the show! And these little guys aren't just fun for reenacting scenes from the popular AMC series. You can also use them to replace pieces from other popular board games -- like Monopoly! Imagine rounding "GO" and collecting $200 as the hatchet-wielding zombie roamer. I may never be the little silver car again.


Show your appreciation for the popular AMC series, The Walking Dead, with zombie-themed clothing! From t-shirts to boxer shorts to socks, you can literally dress from head to toe in a way that shows your appreciation for the show. And if you're not brave enough to shed your normal attire in favor of zombieware, try creating your very own Walking Dead avatar! Just replace your normal avatar with this on any instant messaging service you use!

Companion Book and Graphic Novels

The Walking Dead Chronicles is not just a companion book, but it is also a wealth of insider information not found anywhere else! The website description promises that the volume is "lavishly illustrated with never-before-seen unit photography, storyboards, set designs, makeup, and visual effects shots, and page-to-screen comparisons of the comic and TV show." Even though my youngest son is the big zombie fan in our household, I wouldn't mind reading this book!

And speaking of the comic, the graphic novels are a fun treat whether you've seen The Walking Dead or not. For fans of the AMC series, it's fun to ponder if the show will follow the novel -- for instance, before we learned that Laurie was pregnant on the show, it was fun to ponder whether or not they would take that detail from the comic to the television version. And now that she is, will it be Rick's? Or Shane's? And will it even matter? Will they introduce other characters to the television show that are currently limited to the graphic novel? Even though the plot varies in places, the graphic novels are still a fun (and rather quick) read.

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, or just a plain old zombie fan, what items are on your Christmas List? Thanks for reading!


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