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Happy Birthday - Flowery Birthday Messages - What to write in a birthday card with Flowers

Updated on May 27, 2015
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A Software Developer, who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

Bright and Beautiful Flowers for Birthday Wishes


What to write in a birthday card?

So it’s a birthday. May be a friend’s, may be a relative’s. But someone you would like to wish. So you bought a beautiful Birthday card featuring beautiful flowers. Now you are sitting idle, thinking what to write in the birthday card?

Here’s some help for you. Decorate your flowery birthday cards with these flowery messages - adding the personal touch which will make your near and dear one very happy.


Some flowers are for fun,
some for Surprises,
And some to add
magic to the day,
So sending them all
for assortment of excitement,
have a rocking and
fabulous birthday...


Sending the colors and fresh fragrance
of Flowers along your way,
Wishing that you have an
absolutely glorious birthday...

Little Rhyming Birthday poems

You could use these little rhyming birthday poems to add a lyrical touch to your special birthday wish.

* Say the birthday card you’ve brought has many flowers, how about describing what these flowers are meant for?

* Although flowers in a picture won’t have any fragrance, but they will still contain the feel of fresh fragrance. How about relating this fragrance to the glory of a beautiful day’s wish?

Each flower wanted to be chosen to wish you on your birthday. It was a tough competition. This one won, it wrapped maximum good wishes!

Specially for Beautiful Birthday Girls

If this flower could see you, it would have been jealous of you! Happy birthday via a beautiful flower to an even more beautiful person.


Your beautiful smile could ruin this flower's confidence! Its good it can't see you!!

Happy birthday, keep smiling.

The Single Flower and Flattering Birthday wish

If your birthday card features a single pretty flower, and you want to add a special flattering birthday wish, go ahead.

Tell the birthday guy or girl, how each flower wanted to wish him/her.


Specially for beautiful birthday girls, a flattering compliment to bring a smile to a beautiful face. Be careful, these wishes could mean a lot to an expectant heart!!


No time for purchasing the card? No problem - Here is a video card you could send for free!

An eCard featuring a flowery Birthday Message

* May this colorful bright flower add colors and brightness to your special day
* Six petals to make your birthday's joy six times

Simple One Liners

Not a fan of poetry? Or may be, your birthday guy or gal would not appreciate poetic jazziness, or may be you would just like a simple wish for this relationship. No problem, here are simple one liners for your flowery Birthday greeting card. Just Describe the flowers and relate their redeeming qualities to your birthday wish...

Six Petals ~ Free Video Card


© UV Associates, All Rights Reserved

The above one liners and poems are all original work and all rights are reserved by UV Associates. You are welcome to use these for your personal use in your greetings cards, but republication of any sort for commercial purposes is strictly disallowed. If you’re quoting these for non commercial purposes, however, it is advisable to link back to either this hub or Website

Extended Quotes

You could always look out for quotations about flowers , add them to your birthday card and extend them - add a line. Check this hub which describe extended quotes.

Flowery eCards

Choosing eCards over printed greeting cards is a fabulous way of going green - Save Paper and so many other resources. If you like the above flowery greeting messages and would like to send eCards with these messages, you can do so - here is a link to quality eCards and ePostcards by UV Associates.
(Note: You would see some of the above messages at the moment, and stay tuned, more are on their way)


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      Anusha Jain 5 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks so much for this encouraging comment, I'm really glad you liked it.

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      instantlyfamily 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this terrific hub. I will be bookmarking this for later use.