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Miley Cyrus Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Updated on June 30, 2011
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As I write this page Miley Cyrus is now 17 and she is no longer that little Disney Hannah Montana Girl either. She is now growing into a young woman and of course her wanting to be her own individual is not without scrutiny. Honestly I don't understand all the craziness about how she is dressing, her new tattoo, her boyfriend - whatever - leave the girl alone is what I think. She can't be a Disney Girl forever - she is finding herself and people should just let her do that.

Enough of my opinions - I have made this page for those looking for some fun ideas on creating a Miley Cyrus Birthday Cake or Cupcakes for their special celebration or Miley Cyrus Birthday Party Theme. I am going to give you some inspiration to create a special treat for your Miley Fans. Some of the cakes are even inspired from cakes made for Miley herself.

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MIley's 17th BIrthday Cake

So this page was inspired by MIley's 17th Birthday Cake so I thought what better way to start. This wonderful cake was created by one of my favorites: TLC's The Cake Boss - also known as Buddy Valastro.

“They didn’t want a girly girl cake,” says Valastro, who topped off the vanilla cake with Madonna-inspired lace, a stage and accents in Cyrus’s favorite color, purple. “It totally fit the theme. It was really awesome.” (Source: ClubMileyCyrus)

Of course most of us cannot have a Birthday Cake made by The Cake Boss, but you can be inspired by it and create one yourself similar even if you are not a Cake Decorator and I will show you some ideas.

How to Make a Miley Cyrus Inspired Cake

Now I am far from a Cake Decorator myself and most of us are. I have never worked with Fondant either like most also. That is OK there are products out there to help and even Fondant that is pre-made for use newbie Fondant users.

BUT if I were trying to recreate a cake similar to Miley's I would actually use some of the great Edible Designer Cake Prints available that you just wrap around your Frosted Cakes and give you a look like you are a professional. Love That !!!

Here is what you can do to get started:

  • Bake a Tiered Cake and there is help with many Tiered Baking Pans out there
  • Frost your Cakes
  • Choose your Edible Designer Cake Prints - You can choose the Edible Zebra Print like Miley had and then your Guest of Honor's Favorite color for the other tiers - MIley happens to love Purple - so that is what she had.There are many choices in the Edible Designer Cake Prints you can choose from - it is just finding what you like.

Decorating your MIley Cyrus Inspired Cake

So now that you have built your cake you are ready to decorate it. As you can see on Miley's Cake there are lots of things added on that relate to her - like a Guitar, Sunglasses, Singer Figures, Studded Belts with Jewels, Her Name etc.. all of which are edible of course.

So you want to add on things that relate to your Child and they can be Edible or Not - it is up to you.

To Make the Belt:

All you would need to do is purchase some Pre-Made Black Fondant, Roll it out, Cut and add the band to the bottom of a couple of your cakes. You can then add on some Edible Sugar Diamonds (Which you can Purchase) as the Studs and create your Belt Buckle. It will add some fun Bling or of course you can also use any fun candies you find in your local store.

To Make the Name:

You can also use the Edible Diamonds and Jewels to create your child's name like it was done on Miley's Cake.

Another ideas is you Can get Die Cut Paper Letters of your child's name and add onto sticks and place on the Cake.

If you are feeling creative - Make your Child's Name using Fondant Cut Letters - add on Sticks and place into Cake or on the Side of one of the Tiers.

Have Some Fun:

If your Child has some Favorite things make sure to incorporate them onto the cake like I said above. For Instance Sunglasses - You do not have to make them Edible - Just get a Pair and Stick them on. Obviously if your child wants a Miley Cyrus Cake - they are fans so stick on some of their favorite Miley Photos you can print off the Internet and stick in with Toothpicks. You can also find Edible Music Notes of even Music Note Picks. Just have fun with it - the limit as I always say is your imagination.

Miley Cyrus Cupcakes

Of course there are so many ways to make Cupcakes, but as you can see in the photo there is Miley with a favorite Cupcake choice she chose. A Simple Pink Frosted Cupcake with 3 White Edible Stars placed on the top. Some Stars for a Star I guess. Yum !!!

Now how Easy would these be to make?

MIley Cyrus Edible Cake Images

If you are not feeling overly creative you can go the way of using an Edible Miley Cyrus Cake Image to top off your Baked and Frosted Cake or Cupcakes. There are simple to use and made of edible sugar. You place it right on to top of your Cake or Cupcakes and that is it. If you like you can add some additional decorations around the edges to give it a more finished look, but that is not always necessary.

The other good thing about these Cake Toppers is that a lot of the times they can be personalized with your Message - so an added bonus. I think the hardest part about these is choosing the image since there are many. I do find that there are more currently available of Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana in her younger years, but you can find some of her now. I am sure that will all change shortly.

Miley Cyrus Cakes and Cupcake Photos for More Inspiration

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Hannah Montana Cake Items

Of course there is no lack of Hannah Montana Cake & Cupcake items you can use on the market either. Everything from a Hannah Montana Cake Pan, Baking Cups, Cupcake Picks, Candles and they even have special Hannah Montana colored Icing available.

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      KAYLA 6 years ago

      Hey what are you doing

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      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Nice hub on Miley Cyrus and cake ideas.