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Monster High Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on June 26, 2012

Bits and Pieces and Monstrous Party Supplies

Freaky and fabulous! That's how I would describe the students of Monster High! If your little one has expressed the desire to have a Monster High party there are lots of cool things you can do for such a party.

These frighteningly fashionable characters have crawled into many hearts, both children's as adults.

As the result of this web-show/doll collection popularity there are many great officially licensed party supplies available.

They will make the party even more special and your kid will simply love them. You can get all the tableware, balloons, wall decals, cool decorations and great party favors.

If you do not wan't to go with the official theme, the colors to go with are without a doubt black, purple and pink.

Check Monster High Party Supplies


Monster High Birthday Party Food Ideas

When it comes to food try to imagine Halloween foods with a touch of fashion!

Cakes & Cupcakes

If your little one has their favourite character use it on a cake either by adding a cake topper out of rice paper or making a doll cake (if your little one does not already have the doll).

You can also use the edible cake images to make the cake even more gorgeous.

There is another thing you can take advantage from if your little one has their favourite character - they each have their specific color schemes you can use to make the cake and cupcakes even more special. You can check everything about every character at the official Monster High site. You will also find out which foods the characters like and can include it on the menu. Don't worry they like normal foods :)

Cupcakes can be as simple as frosted with purple, black and pink (or any character matching color) or they can be more crafty with vampire bite marks, cool zombie hands or other monstrous details. As there is more to Monster High than just monsters you can decorate your cupcakes with fashionable items such as high heeled shoes (or even make the whole cupcake in the shape of them), with handbags or other cool accessories.

How to prepare other food

Be it sandwiches, cookies or any other snacks make them monstrous! With a Coffin Cookie Cutter (or any other scary one) you will turn anything into a monster snack!

Cupcake Ideas

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Monster High Party Games and Activity Ideas

Monster Fashion: Even monsters at Monster High love fashion! Have a fashion show at the party.

Monster Make Up: everyone has their favourite character, may it be Cleo The Nile, Frankie Stein, Purrsephone or any other of the fabulous bunch, supply the kids with some make up and body colors and let them transform into their favourite character - or have the adults do the facial paintings.

Cleo de Nile Wrap: Well a mummy wrap game, supply the kids with some bandages (or toilet paper) and let the mummy craziness begin! This can also be the team game where teams compete who wraps most mummies first.

Accessories hunt: Print out images of Monster High characters and cut out their accessories. Hide them around the part place. Divide children into teams and assign them different monsters. They will have to find the matching accessories.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Do you have any other game ideas

    • partypail profile image


      6 years ago from

      I love the vampire bites and zombie hands cupcakes! What a great idea to plan the party around the likes of the birthday boy or girl's favorite character with the color scheme and even the menu items.


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