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More Little Known or Weird Holidays In February

Updated on March 2, 2012

Visual Aids for Holidays

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National Gum Drop DaySingles Awareness DayCandlemasGrouchy Person DayBattery DayChocolate Mint DayCherry Pie DayHoody Hoo DayLove Your Pet DayWorld Thinking DayDog Biscuit Appreciation DayTennis DayCorn Chip DayPolar Bear Day
National Gum Drop Day
National Gum Drop Day
Singles Awareness Day
Singles Awareness Day | Source
Candlemas | Source
Grouchy Person Day
Grouchy Person Day | Source
Battery Day
Battery Day | Source
Chocolate Mint Day
Chocolate Mint Day | Source
Cherry Pie Day
Cherry Pie Day | Source
Hoody Hoo Day
Hoody Hoo Day | Source
Love Your Pet Day
Love Your Pet Day | Source
World Thinking Day
World Thinking Day | Source
Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day | Source
Tennis Day
Tennis Day | Source
Corn Chip Day
Corn Chip Day | Source
Polar Bear Day
Polar Bear Day | Source

There's More?

Well, I don't need to reiterate the Monthly Recognition here, but if you want an over view just click the link and you will see it in my previous hub.

Before I continue, I must apologize to all of my fans. I said I would publish the rest of this list on the 15th, but was stricken with life and forced to take care of domestic issues like laundry and cleaning and (gasp!) freelance work. By the time I got around to the hub publishing I found some great satire and let myself get sidetracked into that.

Here is the balance of the February holidays I found:

February 15th to the 29th

February 15 - Three holidays

  • Candlemas - On the Julian calendar, the day the church blesses the candles to be used throughout the coming year. What do they do if they run out of blessed candles? I suppose they hold an emergency candlemas.
  • National Gum Drop Day - as far as national is concerned, it was probably added to make it sound important since there is no congressional evidence to substantiate the claim. For a gum drop cookie recipe see the link below.
  • Singles Awareness Day - the day after Valentine's Day so that singles can have a day of their own. Dustin Barnes (single at the time) of Mississippi State Univ started this holiday.

February 16 - Do a Grouch A Favor Day - It is supposed to make the world a better place. I personally choose to do random acts of kindness to anyone. If only the Grouches had nice things done for them, everyone would become a grouch! p.s. If you missed it, there are lots of grouches out there to practice on till next year so go out there and get 'em!

February 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day - Yah! Who knew? Well I will just have to go out there and be myself again today! Of course I will have to suppress the sarcastic side of my nature for another 20 hours or so, but all for the greater good!

February 18 - National Battery Day - (scratches head) again, no validity to the national in the title, it just sounds better than "Battery Day" (which denotes violence rather than a handy invention). So give thanks to not having to crank your car by hand to get it started and being able to talk on your cell phone or play Angry Birds on your I pad.

February 19 - Chocolate Mint Day - Yeah Buddy, my favorite day so far. Now I just need to find out if anyone is giving out free samples, 'cause I am there!

February 20 - Besides President's Day (third Monday so it varies), several holidays share this day:

  • Cherry Pie Day - Since George Washington made the cherry tree popular this seems appropriate to celebrate on Presidents day.
  • Hoodie Hoo Day - Mostly in the northern hemisphere - people go outside at noon and waive their hands over their heads and shout "Hoodie Hoo" (???) It is supposed to chase away winter and bring on the spring. E-gads! it is a copyrighted holiday courtesy of
  • Love Your Pet Day - Today is the day to love your pet and treat them to something special. As if you needed an excuse? There are lots of e-cards offered today to send to your favorite pet lover, none for the pets though (hmmm?).

Since most people have the day off, I feel it is very appropriate to eat cherry pie for breakfast, go out at noon in your bunny slippers and shout "Hoodie Hoo" while waving your hands over your head and then head inside to send an e-card to your favorite pet lover!

February 21 - Card Reading Day - another day to send cards. If you plan on participating you better get the ball rolling, the postal service ain't what it used to be, unless you are sending e-cards, then you may even get a few back. My first thought was tarot reading but that was not indicated for this day, maybe tarot has its own holiday later in the year.

February 22 - Actual birthday of George Washington. If you were old enough before 1971 you would remember celebrating this day in school along with Abraham Lincoln's birthday earlier in the month. In 1971 President Richard Nixon decreed the third Monday of February as a national holiday; President's Day that would be celebrated from then on. Other holidays share this day:

  • Be Humble Day - this is a day for not bragging or boasting, supposedly being humble is harder than we think.
  • Walking The Dog Day - evidently if you don't do it enough, make the effort today.
  • International World Thinking Day - originally started in 1926 by the Girl Guide/Girl Scout International Conference for girls to think and contemplate about others different and alike around the world. They now say it is not necessary to be a Girl Scout to participate and contemplate on this day.

February 23 - here is a doosy

  • International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day - That is a mouthful and I am quite sure you will not be able to teach your dog to say it, but give him the biscuit anyway, he will "appreciate it".
  • Tennis Day - A day for commemorating and playing the game of tennis, also on this day in 1874 the game of lawn tennis was patented by Walter Wingfield of Pimlico, England.

February 24 - National Corn Chip Day - yet another unfounded 'national' added to a holiday. But sounds like a fun "corny" holiday so go out an eat a few chips and salsa to celebrate. Kroger has them 10 bags for 10$ most weeks and you don't have to buy 10 to get the discount. Crazy-Good Corn Chips recipe link below.

February 25 - National Pistol Day - for all you gun enthusiasts, this is the day Samuel Colt patented the Colt Revolver in 1836 (patent #138) so go out and celebrate the day or better yet, get your new design patented on this day to share the glory.

February 26 - three offerings

  • Carnival Day - if it is still too cold to go outside, then you should organize a school or church carnival. Everyone will have a good time celebrating this day.
  • National Pistachio Day - holiday had lots of history on this day including the fact that the National Pistachio Council wanted to change the day to a day in September to coincide with Pistachio crop harvesting, but the process proved too long and involved so it remains in February. Eat some "smiling nuts" to celebrate the day.
  • Tell a Fairy Tale Day - telling or reading of Fairy Tales is a must on this day. They do not need to start with "Once upon a time..." but they must have a happy ending to qualify for this day.

February 27 - two holidays to choose from

  • Polar Bear Day - celebrates the worlds largest land carnivore. Try visiting the local zoo or checking out your local Animal Network for programs covering polar bears today.
  • No Brainer Day - the day for doing simplistic tasks that do not involve excessive thought or logic. Housework, general cleaning, yard work and washing the car come to mind. However, do not perform these tasks if it involves trying to figure where you put your supplies because that would go against the spirit of the day!

February 28 - three holidays share this day

  • Floral Design Day - Flower arraigning, drawing or painting are all appropriate for this day.
  • Public Sleeping Day - Today is the day for sleeping in public, however if you choose to do so at work or school, do that at your own risk. I suggest public park bench, picnic blanket on the lawn, or even the movie theater or the opera.
  • National Tooth Fairy Day (also August 22) - commemorates baby teeth and compensation by the Tooth Fairy. It is a much debated topic as to whether the Tooth Fairy is a man or woman, so if you get God, we get the Tooth Fairy. Fair trade.

Febryary 29 - Leap Day - happens every four years, except....

  • On years ending in 00 that are not divisible by 400 (go figure!)
  • This is because the earth rotates approximately 365.25 (365.24219) days in a year. In order to compensate we needed to come up with some fancy calculations.
  • Years ending in 00 that are divisible by 400 are called Leap years, 00 years not divisible by 400 skip both Leap Day and Leap Year so if you are still around in February of 2100 you will get to experience this first hand!

Items to help you celebrate the days


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    • Esmeowl12 profile image

      Cindy A. Johnson 6 years ago from Sevierville, TN

      I am now eagerly awaiting Chocolate Mint day! This was really interesting. Who knew?


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