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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Updated on May 17, 2015

An Annual Occurrence, Sometimes Bi-Annually!

Nope, I am definitely not crazy! If you are as fortunate as I am, then Mothers' Day CAN occur on more than one day of the year. You see, my mother resides in England, then there is my grandmother and mother in law who both reside in Jamaica; and that my dear, is how I end up with bi-annual Mothers' Days. Yay me!

Well, wherever in the world our lovies are, one thing is sure, we absolutely love doing something special and buying nice gifts for those we appreciate. That is where a little help is always welcome. No people, the annual bouquet and chocolate isn't appreciated anymore, not really...and neither is the blender or toaster...they still have ten unused...and twenty re-gifted...but they'll never tell, they are nice people who don't hurt feelings...remember?


A Quick List

This can be referred to as a cheat sheet, instead of waiting on the day itself to suddenly creep upon you, why not have a list like this one to choose from?:

  • Fashion
  • Fragrances
  • Fine Dining
  • Home Cooked Meal
  • Pets
  • New Car
  • Technology
  • Fine Art
  • Flowers
  • Chocolate
  • Party
  • Jewelry
  • Spa
  • Fine China
  • Drapery
  • Cruise
  • Five Star Hotel
  • Books
  • Edible Arrangements

My lil sis and her mom at Beaches Ocho Rios
My lil sis and her mom at Beaches Ocho Rios | Source

Making The Decision

Now that you have an idea of the things you want to focus on, the onus is on you to decide which one would tickle mom's fancy, which one is most likely to be given by everyone else including her local church and which one is a bit too cliché. At this juncture, you also need to factor in mom's style and personal preference/taste.

Spend a minute or two to go through the list then weigh your pocket (we have to keep it real, especially if this wasn't being planned from our last Mothers' Day mess-up). Remember we aren't working to have the moms divorce us...and you know how it is with the Mother In Law!


Truth is, this is a win-win choice. If your mom is on the conservative side, what better way to get her some new and modern stuff that she can't refuse! If you absolutely can't get her to take a little risk, a nice church/dinner outfit is a sure winner.

On the other hand, if she is into fashion and making statements, you simply can't go wrong! Women on a whole tend to love new clothes; matching shoes and handbags along with a make-up kit will have you dodge motherly divorce for at least one year...til next Mother's Day that is.

My grandma and aunt who partially mothered me
My grandma and aunt who partially mothered me | Source


Yup, I am definitely cognizant of the fact that jewelry is fashion, but it is simply deserving of a separate heading. You usually can't go wrong with get to chose from fashion jewelry to gold to silver to diamonds and pearls. If in doubt, stick to multi-coloured or earth tone fashion beads, according to her taste. There are options ranging from necklaces to earrings to rings and bracelets, among other 'out there' selections. Know your mom.

Jewelry is usually a good option


Hotel, Cruise And Fine Dining

Fine Dining is a given if you are going to be stepping things up a notch with a five star hotel or a cruise for Mothers Day. If however you are on a budget, a nice restaurant would be ideal. Italian, French, Chinese and Indian restaurants are usually winners, but you might be lucky enough to find one that caters beyond a single nationality. Be ye warned: Burger King and KFC do not qualify for 'fine dining' but of course if you are a teen or a little kid on a budget, mom will love you for it!

Then there is the cruise or hotel. Why not turn things up and surprise mom with a weekend for two (one will make her lonely) at a Caribbean hotel or on a Carnival Cruise? You'd have won her heart for at least another five years with this gift idea! Unless of course she already does this at every given chance! Unlikely.

Grand Palladium Hotel, Jamaica
Grand Palladium Hotel, Jamaica | Source
Don't forget the grandmothers and great grandmas
Don't forget the grandmothers and great grandmas | Source

Spa and beauty salon treat

Yup, moms love to look beautiful, but as life happens, we sometimes let ourselves go. What better way to treat mom then, than sending her to a total care beauty salon? Getting her hair, nails and face done will have mom loving you more than she loves your sibling rival for sure...unless of course, they think of it first!

If the salon doesn't have a full body spa, then ensure that you finish off the treat with this. If you're on a budget, however, a relaxing treat at the spa alone will definitely have you getting mom's home-cooked meals well pass your thirtieth birthday! What better way to relax and unwind?!



Techno what now?! If mom is still on the conservative side and has a pre-historic phone, you could take the time to teach her how to use a touch screen phone and treat her to a well-deserved upgrade. If she has taken the initial step, a bigger upgrade will also be mutually beneficial. Try buying her a new tablet, laptop or well, you know that new Apple Watch? Yah...that would make her love you a bit more too...finally!

If mom absolutely will not appreciate a new gadget, you could always buy her a smart tv for a start and work your way up. The Samsung Curve would be a good Mothers' Day gift in this regard.

A New Car

As was earlier said, if money is not an object, nothing is too good or too much for mom on Mothers' Day! A car is an awesome gift idea, especially if mom's beloved blue beetles bug has done its time. Why not step things up a bit with a new luxury car like the Camry or a Bimmer?

If mom is one who loves to take the grand kids on road trips, a nice minivan or suitable family car will also be highly appreciated. Who to tell, if she's up to the game, a sports car might not be pushing it too much! Chevy anyone?!



I will be the first to admit: this is absolutely a horrible thing to gift. It is like saying "I couldn't bother to go and get you something, here, go get it yourself!" If you can, by all means, PLEASE avoid being cut from the will by doing this. But then...we all have our price, right?! With that said, if you feel like your Mothers' Day 'price is right' and absolutely have no choice, maybe you could resort to giving mom the raw cash.

Note well: I would personally prefer a tidy sum over a hideous gift or a corny repeated cliché gift, but like I keep saying, KNOW YOUR MOM!

Mothers' Day Party

What better way to celebrate awesomeness than with a Mothers' Day party? It doesn't have to have the face of the average party; no sir! This gift idea can be in the form of a well-catered party with premium everything! The best part is, it can be held right there at home or at the get the picture!

Oh yeah, the other 'best part' is that you can throw the one party for mom, mom in law and even grandma all at one cost! Are we brilliant or what?!

My sister's mom being feted
My sister's mom being feted | Source

Have fun and gift with love

At the end of the day, you will only have one mom; hopefully one mother in law as well, but for now, one mom. Grandmas should also be remembered on Mothers' Day, especially if they had ANY part at all in you being the fine person you are today! You awesome person you!

Now then, get over yourself and get shopping! Happy Mothers' Day to all the wonderful moms; we help to make this world a better place. PS: remember not all mothers are biological. #onelove

Choosing the gift

What is your favorite Mothers Day Gift Idea?

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Happy Mothers' Day


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    • Keisha Hunter profile image

      Keisha Hunter 2 years ago from Kingston, Jamaica

      True, but for want of a day which is different from the other 364, a memorable gift should suffice :)

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

      I dunno I think Money is practical.. it tells them.. get whatever ur heart desires.. and it gives them a chance to get out the house and shoppe..:) but that's just the way I think great share nonethe less :) Frank

    • Keisha Hunter profile image

      Keisha Hunter 2 years ago from Kingston, Jamaica

      Lol its your funeral

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Jamaica

      will that risk

    • Keisha Hunter profile image

      Keisha Hunter 2 years ago from Kingston, Jamaica

      You'd better be sure to have something to accompany that or risk not being the favorite offspring, lol.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Jamaica

      nice hub, gonna give mom the best gift ever...a hug

    • Keisha Hunter profile image

      Keisha Hunter 2 years ago from Kingston, Jamaica

      As a general rule, you can't go wrong with a Bimmer my dear, lol like I said, whatever the pocket can reach is worth getting for mom as the perfect gift. Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Erica Brown 2 years ago

      Good read. Am gona buy mom a bimmer lol