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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: For the Mom who Loves Gardening

Updated on March 30, 2014

Does your mother spend all of her spare time laboring over the fruits of her garden? Did your mom convert the backyard into a soothing paradise in which she can retreat from life's stress, and find comfort? If your mother loves gardening, why not get her something that will really put a smile on her face this Mother's Day? Below are a few Mother's Day gift ideas that will make her hobby a bit more enjoyable.

1. Seed Starting Kit

Give mom the gift of a jump-started growing season! A seed starting kit will allow your mother to start fruit, vegetable, herb and flower seeds indoors weeks before spring has sprung. These kits are reusable, and will give your mom an extended growing season year after year. An early start will give your mother earlier blooms, more plentiful crops, and the freedom to grow plants that otherwise may not be suitable for her climate zone.

2. Gardening Gloves

Okay, I know your mother is not afraid to get her green thumb a little dirty, but how about some protection for those little hands! Mom has all sorts of stuff growing out there. She's going to have to prune the rose bush for sure. Have you ever been pricked by one of those thorns? Ouch!

3. Dwarf Fruit Tree

Grow delicious tropical fruits in any climate! These amazing miniature fig, pomegranate, banana, key lime, lemon, orange, pineapple and olive trees produce fruits with big-time taste! These amazing dwarfs are available for purchase online at, and are relatively inexpensive. These are all houseplants which will thrive indoors, and can be set outside during the summer for pollination. On the right is a link for a dwarf key lime tree from Amazon. Once on the site you will be shown a wide variety of dwarf fruit trees.

4. Aerogarden Indoor Grow System

Give mom the freedom to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs even in the dead of winter! This uniquely designed grow system will fit comfortably on your mother's kitchen counter, and is available in a variety of colors to match any decor. Click on the product link to the right to learn more about the Aerogarden Indoor Grow System, and determine if it's the perfect gift for your mother.

5. Gift Card To a Home Improvement Store or Nursery

Not quite sure what your mother wants or needs for her garden? Give mom the freedom and flexibility to pick out her own gift for the garden with a gift card. If you have a long-distance relationship with your mother, a gift card is a great way to cut down on hefty shipping rates. Gift cards are also a great option for last-minute gifts, and some retailers will even send the gift card number to your mother instantly via e-mail, which she can use for immediate online shopping.


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    • profile image

      Betsey at 7 years ago

      Try a gardening gift basket that includes a variety of seed packets, gardening gloves and a set of pretty gardening tools, and include a gift card to Mom's favorite nursery! You can put something like this together yourself if you're the DIY type - if not, reach out to a company in your area that specializes in custom gift baskets for that one-of-a-kind gift for Mom.

    • Barkley Rosehill profile image

      Barkley Rosehill 7 years ago from Philadelphia

      Mother's Day 2011 is on Sunday May 8th.

    • Duce Arendell profile image

      Duce Arendell 7 years ago

      When is Mother's Day this year?