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Mother's Day Is Every Day Don't Ever Forget It

Updated on August 15, 2013

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A Birthday Poem For A Special Mom - Mine

From day one you haven't ceased to show me you care

I just want to try to give you back the same so this I will share

Life hasn't always dealt you a good hand, being alone

You struggled and sacrificed to raise two kids on your own

At times it's been rough but you didn't let it make you shady

Instead through it all you've been once, twice, three times a lady

In this lifetime I'm not sure I'll fully understand

Just how hard it is to raise a boy into a man

I haven't always agreed with everything you did or said

But I'm thankful you taught me to be smart and use my head

You're always there when I call, you're always on time

You have given your all and for a mom I'm glad to call you mine

I know sometimes you suffer physically and I wish I could take that pain away

But know this with God after every dark night comes a brighter day

And don't worry about getting older because if you're growing in Christ you'll get better with age

Just keep reading your Bible and all the strength you need daily will leap off its page

I may be older now but I'll still be your child and will never forget who my mom is

No matter where God's will takes me taking care of you will always be my biz

So even though right now I may not like to clean my room or pay my board to me you've always been real

Don't get me wrong I'm usually not a lovey dovey type of mushy guy but this is how I feel

Though you're not my biological mother you are the only mom I ever knew

So from the top of my mind to the bottom of my heart ma I say thanks I will forever love you.

Happy Birthday!

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. A mother's job is NEVER done. Your mother is a gift from God. Cherish her, love her. Whether she gave birth to you or not please don't taker her for granted.

What have you done for your mom today?

Think about it.

- Jay

Copyright © 2008

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