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Mother's Day Thoughts and Recollections

Updated on May 9, 2012

My mom and daddy

My Mom

Here we are again, 2012 and it has been 10 years since my mom died of a massive stroke after surgery because she was compromised from chemotherapy. She was 83 so in the end she may have died before her time, but if I make it to 83 I will be amazed!! I am 60 as I speak and astonished that my life has come this far.

Life is really so dang precious. A friend of mine recently was attending a reunion of her high school close friends, a yearly event, and she lost consciousness, fell to the ground while her beloved friends watched in shock, and caught her foot in the underpinnings of the "island" in the kitchen. Moments later she had a foot and ankle mangled from the fall; she was transported to an emergency center and treated. She was ligaments away from losing her foot but was lucky to have a skilled doctor who aligned the bones and wrapped them before surgery. She is recovering slowly and will NOT lose her foot.

This is a friend story, not a Mom story, per se, but wait, maybe it is. This woman is not a mom but a brave soul who helps moms and dads and kids and siblings and anyone else who needs it. I am so proud of her for the pain she has endured to keep that foot so she could walk once more over the sacred grounds of Bhutan and Nepal, her goal this fall. Moms are like that, too. They go through tremendous pain and difficulties to stay steady for their goals of remaining the rock and guide for their children.

I miss my mom on her 10th deadiversary. She was a tough woman and not that nice sometimes, but hey, guess I'm not that nice either on occasion. We agreed to disagree on so many subjects, especially politics and religion! I want to wish all moms HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. It's the toughest job in the world, especially when you do it by yourself or with very meager means. My mom sewed our clothes for many years -- they were great, and so colorful!.

This is a quickie, a memorial to Mom and Mothers. I haven't posted in over two years, been so very busy -- so - that's all folks. Nothing to sell here. Just a tribute to moms, and My Mom. '

Tell your mom you love her, NOW!! and mean it -------


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