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Mother's Day Ideas

Updated on February 1, 2016

Make Your Mum's Day as Special as She is

Treat the one who is always there.
Treat the one who is always there. | Source

The Origins of Mothering Sunday

Mother's day as we know it is a relatively new holiday, but it does have it's roots firmly in the past.

Thought to date back to ancient times, it was celebrated as an annual spring festival. It was also celebrated by certain religions in more recent times. Only in the last century has it became a widespead celebration of mothers everywhere and the sterling job they do. It is celebrated at different times in the various countries around the world and in very different ways.

There is much debate nowadays as to whether the day has became just another commercial opportunity? I don't have the answer to that question, but what I do have is a few ideas to really treat your lovely mum whilst still sticking to a budget.

Mother's Day Morning

Wake her with a smile.
Wake her with a smile. | Source

Breakfast in Bed

Well who could forget the essential breakfast in bed. A tray with toast and egg or perhaps orange juice with freshly cooked pancakes. That one day of the year when mum can stay in bed and relax whilst her beloved helps the children arrange a tray for her long lie. It may sound simplistic but for a busy mother it's bliss.

The children can safely pour the orange juice and make a mess buttering toast whilst dad or the grandparents deal with the hot stuff. It's a fun way for the rest of the family to work together as a team as well.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast doesn't need to be fancy, mum will appreciate anything the little ones have helped to make.
Breakfast doesn't need to be fancy, mum will appreciate anything the little ones have helped to make. | Source

A Mother's Day Card

There is a huge choice of cards available for every possible maternal scenario now, many with matching huge price tags.

Nothing in the world is as good as a homemade card. Especially when it is completed with scratchy writing that is carefully penned by your own little wonders. Felt tip pens and a spare piece of card are the only raw materials that you need to make a masterpiece. With a little bit of help from dad or the grandparents your little ones can craft an individual card, made with love, that will never be thrown away.

Homemade by Happy Hands

Homemade cards are the best.
Homemade cards are the best. | Source

A Mothering Sunday Gift

A little gift with the Mother's Day card can be easy to do. There is no need to go out and spend money on expensive presents as homemade offerings are definitely what most mothers prefer.

A few spring flowers picked out of your own garden make a lovely floral gift for mum.

Making some simple sweets and placing them in a nice clear bag tied with ribbon makes a really attractive present and you can't really beat a drawing or painting of the family by one of the kids.

There are also some very talented hubbers on this site, who have some great craft ideas for Mother's Day gifts which look amazing.

Spring Flowers From the Garden are a Lovely Gift

Some spring flowers from the garden make a great gift.
Some spring flowers from the garden make a great gift. | Source

A Housework Holiday

Another nice idea for a gift is a voucher for housework holiday. Give mum a hand drawn voucher showing that for that one day she has a housework holiday and is banned from her usual tasks. The children can make up the voucher either in pens or on the computer and print it off. It means they also have something to hand over with their cards.

Dad or grandparents can help the kids to keep the place ticking over that day and mum gets a day off. It's also a good way to show children the value of their parent's input into the nice environment they live in.

It costs nothing and will prove to be a big winner.

Bring the Sunshine Inside


Home Spa Hints

It may not reach the exacting standards of a professional spa but a home spa opened just for mum is special.

If you visit the bathroom you will find a plethora of lotions and potions that the lady of the house had seen, liked and bought. Then alas due to her busy schedule, she didn't even have time to unscrew the caps. Well dust them down today...because she deserves a treat.

Get the lovely lady to remain in her dressing gown and slippers for some pampering. Supply a soft, fluffy towel and a comfortable seat. Make sure the room is cosy and some candles are lit. Play some soothing music in the background and make sure that mum has either a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine, depending on her preference.

Due to the unused treasures you found earlier you should have some products of her choice to use and a very willing participant. Now whether it's a facial or a foot massage, it doesn't matter. The whole point is to create a window of relaxation time for a lady that works hard all year.

End her pamper session by leaving her to have a nice, bubbly bath and soaking away all her cares.

Mum's Home Spa

Find those facemasks and foot rubs which mum doesn't usually have time to use.
Find those facemasks and foot rubs which mum doesn't usually have time to use. | Source

Treating Those Hard Working Hands

Another occasional pamper treat which you can use for that special mum today is a manicure or pedicure. She will have all the tools needed without you having to spend a penny

With a little care and help the end result looks good and is fun to have done. So bling up those nails for the woman who deserves the best.

Complete the treat by applying some sweet smelling hand cream once the nail varnish has dried, to make those busy hands soft, smooth and beautifully polished.

Treat Those Hard Working Hands

Perhaps a little manicure of pedicure?
Perhaps a little manicure of pedicure? | Source

Afternoon Tea for A Special Lady

After her spa treatments mum will be in need of some refreshments. A traditional afternoon tea is a nice idea for a filling lunch.

For an easy home version put some different flavoured sandwiches cut into triangle shapes on a plate. Some homemade scones and a couple of choices of cakes or traybakes. Don't forget the teapot and pretty cup and saucer for the special occasion touch. If you have jam and cream in the house make it a cream tea by filling the scones with jam and cream.

Don't worry about what should be on the plate, just put mum's favourites on the tray and she will be more than happy.

Tea for Mother's Day

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea | Source

The Afternoon Matinee

In the afternoon mum can sit and watch a medley of songs or acting by the children. From Star Wars battles to Hip Hop dancing, it doesn't matter. If the kids are up talking, singing and laughing, then mum will be happy. They can introduce the entertainment and even provide the popcorn.

Watching her own shining stars perfom will be the highlight of the day for mum.

Make Mother's Day Special


The end of a Happy Mother's Day

As evening arrives and mum settles down on the settee with her family around she can rejoice in the knowledge that not only has she enjoyed her day very much, but her family have had almost as much fun as she has.

Thank you for reading and I hope that some of the ideas on this hub may be of use to you. Sometimes those little things definitely mean the most and usually those families who work together are the ones that laugh the most.

When it comes, I hope you and your family have a very Happy Mothers Day.

As a Special day Draws to a Close


Treats for Mother's Day

Are you treating your mum this year?

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Serve Her Favourite Meals

Make mum her favourite meals and remember she has a voucher to miss dish duty tonight.
Make mum her favourite meals and remember she has a voucher to miss dish duty tonight. | Source

Mother's Day Know How

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Fill her Day with Love


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