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Mothers Day Vs Fathers Day

Updated on March 11, 2011

Mothers Day And Fathers Day - A Rant!

Mothers days is that special time of the year that we celebrate our mommas and how much they mean to us, but what about fathers day, it seems to me that when it comes around to fathers day it falls quite flat to me...

Let me explain, as a father of two kids myself at school they naturally get involved in all of the special occasions that happen throughout the year and they make stuff, cards for Christmas, Easter and Halloween. And this is great on mothers day the kids make cards and create a present for their mums at the school and such a fuss is made by the predominently women teachers(Which is all well and good!!)

Then when it comes to Fathers day later in the year it seems a different story, us blokes don't seem to mind, we say never mind that they don't seem to make cards or anything for us, but in the back of our tiny minds we is crying and feeling a tad bit left out and ashamed for not being good fathers or something.

Now I don't know whether this has to do with the very fact that there are more women teachers in most schools and they like to get all the attention, but I for one am getting slightly peeved at this, for the last few years since my son has been attending school, not once has he come home with a fathers day card that he has made, just because the teachers took the time out to explain about how special that you have only one dad and this is something to celebrate, but oh no on Mothers Day, the mums get the works cards, flowers, a tiny gift basket...why the hell don't they just give the kids the day off and let the teachers come round to each mums house and serve them breakfast in bed and shower them with gifts all day long!!!!!!

Maybe I'm being a little selfish, but no I am not!! We as dads who are there for our children must take a stand against this outrage, equal rights!! the mommas get the red carpet treatment why not us?

I've often had this and I've felt like complaining, but I haven't.

I've seen other dads at the school look in disappointment when they have no cards or anything the friday before when they pick up the kids.

This is just a small issue that I have and I needed to write about it before I went out and developed super powers and trashed the school on a weekend with my little finger!!

Fathers Day matters too! Doesn't it?

Mothers Day VS Fathers Day - What The Hell Do You Think?

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    • profile image

      padad 6 years ago

      It's great to honor our moms, however they are not in the limelight much anyway are they? They don't have to get up at 3am to travel to work through the snow 200 miles daily for 19 years to put food on the table do they? They don't have to work two jobs to ensure that the children get to the right high school or for that matter get into college do they?

      No moms get to have a special day and dads get to be dads.

    • almasi profile image

      almasi 6 years ago

      I agree with you that Father's Day needs to be given more emphasis.

    • profile image

      anneschwester 7 years ago

      If you look at it from a contests point of view, you are absolutely right. Fathers should be treated equal!!! I think it's moving a bit more towards it, since the traditional role of parenting is shifting. Alas, sad that we need a special day to honour our parents - shouldn't that be an everyday event?