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Mothers Day: What Not To Get Her

Updated on May 8, 2011

Not sure what to get her?

It's not always easy to figure out just what to get mom for mother's day. It doesn't matter if she's the easiest person to get gifts for, or if we have all the money in the world. Mother's day can be tricky because anything we do for her or get for her, needs to be meaningful and genuine.

And since there are dozens of wonderful articles out there to help get your idea maker going, I'm going to help you out in another way, by showing you want not to get her. The list is shorter than what you can get her, and so long as you avoid getting her anything from this list, anything else you get will be wonderful.

What Not to Get Mom on Mother's Day

It doesn't matter if you're helping the kids get a present for their mom or if you're shopping for your own mother - avoid getting her anything from this list.

Anything Practical - We are mom's 24/7/364. Mother's day is supposed to be the one day we don't have to do any mothering, and is definitely a day when we don't want to be reminded of our duties. So if you were thinking to get her something she could really use, then cross that off your list of options.

Gift Cards - Getting a gift card shows how little effort you really put into getting her a gift. Even if you tried to find something, panicked and just bought a gift card, you can guarantee she'll never forget it...

Money - Although mom wouldn't mind it if you paid her back for all the money she sank into your youth, she doesn't want you to just hand her money on mother's day. That shows even less energy was put into getting her gift then if you got her a gift card, which is a no-no.

Gas Station Gifts - I don't care how cool you think the gift is, or how much you're convinced she'll like it. Because the truth is, if you got it from a gas station, she'll be able to tell. So even if she really does like the gift, she's not going to like it just because she'll know you didn't put much effort into it.

Clothes - It isn't that she wouldn't love it if you spent the time to get her a very nice shirt, sweater, dress or outfit. The problem is that unless you've been snooping in her closet (which is dangerous territory), the chances that you'll get something too big or too small, are very high. If you get something that's too small, it's flattering, but she won't want to have to go exchange it. If you get her something too big, she'll think you think she's fat.

Exercise Equipment - Do you really want her to think that you think she's fat?

Only Flowers - Flowers in combination with, or preceding another gift, are great. Flowers by themselves as the only thing you got her, is really lame and far from genuine.

Movies - If she really wanted a movie, she would've bought movies herself.


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