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Mothers deserve gifts all year round

Updated on August 16, 2014

Everyone has a mother, either one that gave birth to them or one that adopted them. You will always know a mother as they are completely devoted to the needs of their children and often put those needs above their own. Being a mother is often a thankless job with endless work, and no pay. A mother is on call 24 hours a day regardless if the children are at home or not. There is no limit to the amount of work a mother does not only for their kids, but the home and their husbands as well. Think about how much your mother was there for you when anyone in the house was sick, with few people to take care of her when she was sick. But then was mom ever sick? Your mother is the first one in the hospital by your bed when you are hurt, the first to clean up after you, and help you get well. She is the one to teach you compassion, and how to obey the rules. With everything she has ever done for you, your mother deserves to be showered with gifts that mean something to her, and not just the 4 days of the year that are given to her. (Such as Mother's Day, her birthday, Valentine's Day and Christmas)

Listed below you will find twenty different gift idea to give the mom in your life. This can be your wife, your mother, your grandmother, a daughter or anyone that has shown you that motherly compassion that you appreciate. But before you start buying random gifts and giving them out, keep in mind the type of person you are buying the gift for, and whether or not it will have a practical use for them. After all, giving a gift for someone gives you a great feeling, but if it's something they will never use then it becomes pointless. Is your mom a house wife, or does she work full time or part time? Is she retired? Do you know the hobbies she is into or the items she likes to collect? Perhaps everything on the list will work and make give you plenty of ideas to choose from, or only a select few might work for you. Keep these in mind as you work your way down the list for an item to show her just how much you appreciate all that she does:


1. Makeup Kit.

This is found in most department stores all year round and in drug stores during the holidays. They come in different shapes and sizes and range in price from $4.99 to $199.99, depending on the makeup line. This is a great gift for someone who will use it, but be sure to know which brand and colors she likes or it will be worthless to her.


2. Skin Products.

This can be a large variety of items often found in most drug stores. It could be something as simple as her favorite shampoo, or some of those expensive creams that prevent wrinkles, or simple lotions. Garnier, Loreal, and Revlon all make great skin care items that are rarely turned down. Grab a cheap basket and create your own personal gift basket complete with bath brush and sponge.


3. Perfumes.

This is a great gift for all year round and the price will vary depending on what she likes. If she is not picky you could pick up some nice perfumes around the $20 range, and they get as low as $10. However they can also climb up the price ladder well into the hundreds of dollars if there is something in particular she likes. Most drugs stores carry good perfumes from $70 and under, however if you want something better you will need to visit the department stores or a specialized perfume store.


4. Tablet or Phone.

While most women and mothers will never admit to their techno geek side of themselves they all want to talk on the phone or use a tablet when they can. Prices on these can get out of hand so you might want to save this for those special occasions. However there are always deals and if you have a phone that is under contract it could be time for a free upgrade.


5. Nail Sets.

These include fake nails, nail polish kits and general nail care. Found in all drug stores and department stores there are hundreds of colors to choose from. It's always nice to have a little girl time. These can even be custom made nail sets specifically for her as well.


6. Hair Accessories.

Here is another wide category that you can create a gift basket with. There are many different items that ladies use for their hair, including shampoos and conditioners, creams, barrettes, pins, wraps, hair extensions, hair color, hair bands and more. A simple small item every now and then is a great way to say thank you.


7. Jewelry.

No woman ever turns down jewelry as a gift, but it can be hard to get her finger size if you are looking to get a ring. Ear rings, and necklaces are always a good choice, or even a pendant to put on a chain she already has. As for which stone to choose, a lady never turns down diamonds or her birthstone.

8. Wrist Watch.

A watch is a great gift for that special occasion, but could get quite expensive as a just because gift. If you have the money though, go for it. Those ladies that enjoy heading to the gym or getting a run in during the day would appreciate a nice sports watch. There are great models out there that track heart rate, or contain GPS so they can see how far they have gone.

9. Bag / Purse.

I've never met a lady that didn't carry a purse or bag at one time or another, usually all the time. Some women prefer a specific size of bag, others want a particular name. This could also include a diaper bag as well.

10. Dress or clothing.

Women generally like to pick out their own outfits, but with that being said they might point out specific items that they would like to wear, but can't seem to get for themselves. This is where your skills of paying attention will come in handy as these little tidbits are hints they are throwing out to you for suggestions.


11. Shoes.

Most women of all ages love shoes. It starts with playing dress up as little girls and will continue until the day they leave the Earth. Again pay attention to what she is looking for or you could be in big trouble. Knowing the right shoe size is a must, but better yet have her pick them and you buy them on the spot!


12. Gift certificate.

Not just any gift certificate will do, or in some cases most will. You can make it even better by using gift certificate template that is found online and make your own gift certificate. You can have it authorized at a store that she likes to shop at by putting the barcode and gift certificate code on it. Or you can get creative and make it extremely personal using the gift certificate template in a creative way and editing it where you need to. When you buy a gift certificate online you easily transfer that information into the template, creating something unique and personal.


13. Gift Baskets.

Hampers. While we have already talked about gift baskets for some items to make a personal basket there are many ways you can go with this. A hamper filled with laundry essentials is one way. You can do a wine basket, or even snacks that she might enjoy. Depending on what she really likes you can create a really nice mixed gift basket that has everything all together. Or something a little more simple such as a basket full of flowers.


14. Photographs Album.

Ok this doesn't mean to run out and buy a photo album and then wrap it up for a gift, you need to put a little more work into this one. Creating a photo album or scrapbook is the better way to go with this project. You can create a time line of pictures and memories leading up to that moment and even take a picture of her opening the gift, and adding it in. This is one of the most personal gifts you can give.


15. Digital Photo Frame / Digital Camera.

More techno geek gifts to be sure but something a mother always enjoys. A digital camera is something she will use to take pictures of the whole family, usually excluding herself in the process. The digital photo frame will enable her to view all those pictures she has taken, and share the best of them with her family.


16. A facial, massage or spa day.

This is a fantastic gift to give to the lady so she can have a day to herself. Everyone needs a little me time, and mothers are definitely no exception to this rule. When she returns she will be completely relaxed and enjoy all the attention she was getting while being pampered head to toe. Make sure she actually uses it, driving her there and dropping her off if need be.


17. Movie.

This is a great and practical gift, one that can be used by herself, with her friends or with you taking her to the movie. It's a good way to get out of the house and enjoy a break, as well as some great entertainment in the process. If movies are not her thing, then perhaps the theater or an opera.


18. Scented Candles.

Candles make great gifts, and have a practical use from lighting to curing a smell in the home. Most women love these and often have several of them in their homes. These are great little thank you gifts as they are not expensive so perhaps a different scent each week might be in order.


19. A Dinner.

There are two ways you can go with this gift. The first is to prepare a meal at home, something home cooked that takes preparation and is something she enjoys. Of course this means setting the table and doing the dishes too, so go through everything. A nice table setting with candles always sets the right atmosphere. The other way to go is to take her out for a nice meal, maybe at her favorite place or someplace new. A date night so to speak that she will enjoy and remember for many days to come.


20. Massager or Foot Bath.

This is a great little gadget for home use, when it’s not always convenient to get what you need away from home. A handheld massager comes in different sizes with different settings so they can get to those hard to reach areas or just relax while sitting on the couch watching television. A footbath or foot massager is something that can also be enjoyed while relaxing at home, caressing the feet and taking away the worries of the day.

Your choice

Which gift idea is best for your mother?

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Every lady in your life enjoys to be pampered and showered with attention. And whether it is your grandmother, mother, wife or motherly figure that has helped you through the years, each one of them deserves to have a special thank you in their lives. This little thank you that you are giving them should be completely random and take them by surprise. This is the women that either gave your life, or provided for you in some way over the years, probably both. This could be that lady next door that always leaves you the paper, or picks up your trash cans when they fall down. Stop and remember all the little things that have been done for you, and how nice it would be to just get a random gift saying thank you. They have done so much for you over the years, and while you might think you have appreciated them before, a little extra thank you will go a long ways for that mother in your life.


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    • monic-alang profile imageAUTHOR

      Monica Langley 

      4 years ago from USA

      Glad you liked them Catherine, and once again congrats for your 100 :)

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      4 years ago from Orlando Florida

      Love those red shoes.

    • monic-alang profile imageAUTHOR

      Monica Langley 

      4 years ago from USA

      Almost every woman loves handbags as well... =P Thanks for reading my hub :)

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      my mom loves handbags, I will have to hunt them down


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