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Movies that should be watched at Halloween

Updated on October 29, 2012
These are my 2 little terror's dressed up for a Halloween photo competition.
These are my 2 little terror's dressed up for a Halloween photo competition.

Just to let everyone know this is not a list of all time favorite horror movies no its a list of movies only to be watched on Halloween. Halloween is a very exciting time of year and over here in England it seems to be getting bigger by the year like it is in america which i am loving at the moment as i have kids and they love it just like Christmas. Halloween can be a sticky time of the year with all those sweets being dished out my kids bring enough candy back from trick or treating that its probably enough to get us out of recession. I always find myself in a bit of a sticky situation when it comes to finding a movie to watch on Halloween the reason being that there are so many stupid and senseless horror movies out there that i can never find the right entertaining one to watch on such a brilliant night Halloween. This list is going to be a bit different from the normal horror movie list that you are probably use too that's because the movies that i have decided to use are fantastically not over done with all this stupid sgi stuff that we all seem to bombarded with nowadays which all started back when Jurassic park came out yes guys Jurassic park is to blame but i am no way slating this film as it was a marvel of its time it scared me anyway but i was only about 10 years old so you could just imagine anyway here is my list of movies which you may want to take a look at on Halloween night.



My number one film that i have chosen and your probably wandering why i picked this one and thats because of the legend of this film and what the film has done over the years for Halloween. The film is about a psychopathic killer called Michael Myers (that name gives my the shivers) who comes back to the town haddonfield to stalk and prey on unsuspected victims. Mike Myers cant be killed by any easy means anyway. John carpenter made a wise choice to pick the simple but effective mask that he used for this film and some of the scenes although quite corny don quite a scary feeling this film is not to be taken lightly.

NO: 2
NO: 2


My next film on the list is quite simply brilliant and has always been a favorite of mine and will be imprinted in my memory for the rest of my days. Its about a couple who are recently deceased and find a man named beetle-juice (don't say 3 times) who is a bio-exorcist, They use him to try and remove the new tenants of there house who move in when they passed away. This film has quite a comedic value to it and has a little few scary fright's in it but the reason i have picked it is due to the way Michael Keaton plays the character beetle-juice down to a "T". Tim Burton in my eyes won me over with this film when he introduced the sand worm from the nether world what a fantastic scene.

Halloween joke of the century

A photographer goes to a haunted castle determined to get a picture of a ghost. The ghost he encounters turns out to be friendly and poses for a snapshot. The happy photographer dashes to his studio, develops the film and…learns that the photos are underexposed and completely blank.

Moral to the story: The spirit is willing, but the flash is weak.


The Exorcist

This next film i have chosen is not to be taken with a pinch of salt i mean it even had the church not knowing what to do. Priest's donned the doors outside the cinemas telling people not to go in and watch it mind you (publicity stunt) comes to mind and it even had people throwing up and fainting. When i first watched this film with my wife at the age of 19 i was quite disturbed with it and had nightmares for weeks. The film is about a girl called regan who gets possessed by an unknown entity so the mother has to beg the church for there help to save here. I dint know what William friedkin was thinking about with this film (Sicko) but the reason i love it is because of the way the film secretly portrays the fight between good and evil and in my opinion good always wins.

For a more detailed review of this film watch the trailer below that i have provided for your viewing pleasure.

Beware anyone of a nervous disposition should not watch this trailer.

Is Halloween a fun time of the year..?

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NO: 4
NO: 4

Evil dead

I accidently managed to get a hold of this film when i was 8 years old and watch it (shame on my parents) it was the most horrific memory of my childhood and even though i could of easily pressed the stop button on the VCR player my head told me to watch it all. The film starts off with a couple of teens (don't it always) going to a cabin in the middle of woods in the middle of nowhere and they stumble on a book called the book of the dead with a tape and when they play it all hell breaks loose. The reason i enjoy watching this film nowadays is the effects back then were brilliant and it was just mushy peas and rubber prosthetic's as well as a few other cheap tricks that made this horror flick a classic. This film was in fact actually classed as a "NASTIE" by parliament.

NO: 5
NO: 5


This film always gets my imagination wandering whether if hell did exist how bad it actually is and i think in all honesty this film kinda gets it spot on but thats just my judgement. The film is about a wife who was having an affair with her husbands brother who gets killed by the cenobites (awesome creatures of hell) and he gets brought back to life by a drop of blood and gets his mistress to bring him human sacrifices but to the unhappiness of the cenobites. This film is borderline freaky especially the cenobites who make the film good. This film is an all rounder classic and will tear your soul apart.

6: Poltergeist- A girl gets taken through her TV set and the parents bring in a psychic to get her back but at the beginning when strange things started happening the family found it amusing but not for long as they realize that there house was built on an old Indian burial ground.

7: The ring- Basically the film is based around a VCR tape that people watch then have 7 days to live and a journalist who is investigating the urban legend finds the tape and takes it home with her but after accidentally leaving the tape on a table where unwittingly her little boy plays it and she is in a race against time to get to the bottom of it before her and her son become the next victims.

8: The shining-Scary but quite comedic also as the saying "heres johnny" is quite a funny gag in this fright fest of a psych film. The film centers around a man and his family who volunteers to be the caretaker at an isolated hotel and terrifying ghostly visions soon start too creep into the film and the father goes insane trying to kill his son and wife. Will she be able to save them you will have to watch to find out.

9: Carrie- This film borders insanity and religion into 1 big mix which involves a teenage girl called Carrie who is bashed by her mother to be religious. Carrie has special telekinetic powers unbeknownst to her bullies who set her up on a prom date only to be vilified in front of her whole school with deathly consequences and a fiery ending.

10: A nightmare on elm street- This film is about the bogeyman of bogeymen and his name is Fred Kruger who comes into elm streets kids dreams and kills them as they sleep. Fred was hunted down when he was alive for sexually abusing kids by a mob and got burned alive so he comes back for the next generation of kids and kills them in there dreams.

NO: 11
NO: 11

Night of the living dead

What a masterpiece this film is by George A. Romero and will always be one of my all time favorites The film starts of in a graveyard where brother and sister are dropping off flowers for there mother but the brother is creeping his sister out by saying "there coming for you Barbara" which is a highlight in the film. Very soon though caos ensues when brain eating zombies start to come from everywhere. Barbara our main character escapes to a farmhouse where she is helped to survive by a black guy. This film has a hidden race issue within the story line.

NO: 12
NO: 12

Trick r treat

A tale of four stories which happen on the same night Halloween. Rule 1 don't blow jack o lanterns out before midnight Rule 2 never trust your high school principal Rule 3 never bully the college virgin Rule 4 this is what happens when you keep skeletons locked up in your closet. Quite a nice little treat of a film to watch on Halloween this one.

NO: 13
NO: 13

Jeepers creepers

This film is about a brother and sister who are riding home from a break and its a ride that they will never forget well for one of them anyway as they get hunted by someone or something that does not give up all too easy this film is a must watch on Halloween and is borderline frightening/terrifying well lets just say that you will have the Jeepers once you have finished watching this one.

NO: 14
NO: 14

Pet cemetery

This cemetery that is a secret in the village would actually come in handy if it actually worked properly but it doesn't as the ground has gone sour. Its an old Indian burial ground where people bury there pets hoping that they will come alive but when they do come alive lets just say they are not the same animals.

NO: 15
NO: 15


Tim curry (pennywize) makes this film happen for me especially his laugh and the way hew acts it out. Everyone seems to have a deep seated fear with clowns lets face it we just cant seem to get to the bottom of why we are scared of them we just are. Killer clown fantasy film turned werewolf slash horror this will get your tummy in nots.

NO: 16

The thing- Scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills. Can the survivors find a weakness that this monster may have in time to save themselves and stop it from escaping.

NO: 17

From beyond- Scientists create a resonator to stimulate the pineal gland (sixth sense), and open up a door to a parallel (and hostile) universe. Based on a story by H. P. Lovecraft. What a goldie oldie this is and most enjoyable watched in the dark.

Paranormal investigators apparently caught this picture when investigating
Paranormal investigators apparently caught this picture when investigating

The amytville horror

Supposedly and i say supposedly based on a true story this film is based on a family who have moved into a house that had a grizzly murder history there. Another family who used to live there got murdered by the brother with a shotgun because he was supposedly possessed. When the new family move in weird and unexplained things start to happen. I will leave you with a picture on the (right) that paranormal investigators supposedly captured in the real amytville house.

NO: 19
NO: 19

The omen

This film is literally borderline religion/atheism and is suppose to question the possibility that Satan has a son just like god does. Its about a boy called Damian the (Antichrist) and he makes his way up the ranks through all 3 films that were made about him. This film should not be taken light hearted and has a few relics and hidden meanings to it and will leave you questioning your own sanity.

Its about the little nippers as well so here is a little list of movies for them

1. One of the best and most enjoyed by my kids is Monster inc which gets them laughing every time and too be honest i quite enjoy watching this treasure with them also. The film is about monsters that use fright from children to power there city but the only downfall is they are afraid of kids themselves so what can go wrong does indeed go wrong when a child accidentally gets through.

2. Halloween tree- Four children learn the origins of Halloween customs while trying to save the life of their friend. This one first aired on cartoon network and can be found at amazon or by watching online. My kids also love this one even though it goes back to 1993 when it first came out.

3. The Goonies- this is one of my all time favourites and was when i was growing up as well and the best part in this film is when the boys meet a monster guy called sleuth who turns out to be really friendly after all. Some of you readers will probably have fond memories of this delightful film when you was growing up so show your children and let them enjoy on Halloween.

4. Hocus Pocus- worth a mention but i personally am not that keen on this one but my kids loved it and they are my main critics, The story centers around a couple of kids who awaken 3 witches only to find themselves having to duck and dive them at every opportunity. This film is a must for your kids on Halloween.

5. Caspar- Last but not least on the kids list is the ever classic Caspar the friendly ghost and this film is a little gem and can be watched over and over again until the DVD wares out. the story is about a boy ghost who lives in a haunted mansion with his uncles who are very mischievous. A father and daughter move in to the mansion and the girl gets friendly with Caspar.

NO:20 The fog is about a old fishing town who get over run by fog dwelling ghosts and bad things start to happen.

NO:21 Silence of the lambs is more of a psychological thriller than a horror but deserves to be on my list for its ingenuity to get the audience scared.

NO:22 Zombieland is set in a post apocalyptic world where people are the hunted by vicious vampires. Its set around a man and a boy as they are just trying to live.

NO:23 Bramstokers dracula is about a vampire who travels to England to terrorize a village.7

NO:24 Childs play is kinda a stupid film about a killer psycho doll who goes around killing people so he can find a new body and has a certain child in his mind called andy.

NO:25 Little shop of horrors is more of a musical sing along type film about a plant who has an appetite for humans.


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