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New Years Good Luck Foods, And New Years Superstitions

Updated on September 16, 2014

Everyone wants a little good luck in the New year

I do have to admit, I can be a very superstitious person. Especially at the New Year. I would like to bring in as much good luck as possible for the New Year. Who could not use some extra good luck? So over the years I have done little things to help me have a good year, but I find as time goes by my list gets bigger and bigger. I do have to say I had a pretty good year in 2012, and I am looking for an even better year for 2013! And I hope everyone will also have a great year.

You can search the web and you will see all the New Years good luck foods, and traditions from all over the world. I have my little list of things I do, and I have found them over the years. I read things in magazines, books, and passed on threw friends and family.

Good Luck Food List:

1. Magical Cabbage Soup. I have made this soup for about six years now, and I would not dream of not making it. The soup is very simple to make, and all you need is shredded cabbage, peeled and sliced onions, chicken broth and season with salt and pepper. In a saucepan melt a good amount of butter, add the cabbage and onion, saute till soft. Next add the chickens broth. Next take a sanitized coin ( I use a dime )toss it into the soup and stir, while thinking of good luck and good fortune for the new year. Then remove the coin and eat a bowl of soup. I also carry the dime with me all year long, as use it again the next year. I feel this builds up positive energy.

2. Fish. My friend Karen told me about this one about three years ago. She said a lady she know eats fish at midnight on New Years eve, and the woman is rich. I don't pick a particular type of fish. I guess it really does not matter.

3. Black eyed peas, collard greens green grapes and green olives. I only just started these this past year. My friend Debra told me about these good luck foods at midnight. She said they were lucky for her. Actually you can eat the black eyed peas on New Years Day.

Now onto my "Good Luck Superstitions"

1. I open the doors at midnight to let the old year out, and the New Year in. I don't want anything old lingering in the house.

2. While I am doing the above. I also place a dollar bill under the rug outside my door, and think of money coming in for the coming year, and for good luck. Then early the next morning go out and get the dollar back, carry it with you all year. Oh and also do not spend any money at all on New Years day. Anything you need should be bought ahead of time. I use the same dollar bill year after year, and I keep it in a baggie in my wallet.

3. I do not take the trash out on New Years Day, as it has been said this is bad luck to do, and I don't lend out money. I also make sure that my pantry has food, and my wallet has money in it. And I am careful not to break anything on New Years day,again bad luck to break anything. I also take 3 pennies and place them in each window sill ( Debra told me this one). Oh and I give the house a really good cleaning the day before New Years eve. For me it kind of gives the new year a fresh new start. I also try to wear clothes that have green,silver and gold in them.

4. And it is said it is bad luck to eat Chicken on New Years day, as they scratch backward in the dirt, we don't want to go backwards in the New Year, so fish is good because the swim forward.

So there you have it, my little list. Try one, or a few of them, or maybe even all of them. Have a Happy and safe New Year everyone. And good luck to all!



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