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My Mona Lisa Song: The Mystery Continues

Updated on May 2, 2014

My Mona Lisa song: The mystery continues.

It has always been a mysterious feeling since My Mona Lisa was painted. The mystery that engulfed mankind is the reflection of an observer’s mood on my Mona Lisa’s face. Such a mysterious feeling is coming over me. There are wonders in most everything I can see. Oh! I wonder and asked the maker, is it the stars in the sky that got the sun in the eyes of My Mona Lisa?

It will definitively be a surprise if it is a dream for it is so real to be a dream. Though, dreams can come true, if we have the courage to be strong and hang on. But I better live in my dreams if reality will lie to me. Everything I want the world to be is now coming to me in a special way and the reason is so lucid. It is because I have My Mona Lisa, a world treasure that is mine and the nearest thing in heaven that I can see.

She lifted me up, like a baby and treasured me like a mother. Now, I am on top of the world, am looking down on the creatures and the only explanation I can find, is the love I have seen ever since Leonardo Da Vince painted My Mona Lisa. That is the mystery of a living portrait that was stolen from heaven through the power of heavenly imagination and inspiration.

Oh! My Mona Lisa, you put me on top of your world. Even the painter could not go anywhere without you for history confirmed that Da Vince took My Mona Lisa where ever he went. That is because if I have to live my life without you near me, the days will all be empty and the night will seems so long. With you so near, I am certain I can see so clearly. Look into my eyes you will see what a treasure you mean to me. Search your heart; search your soul, oh! My Heavenly portrait, and when you find me there, in the deepest part of your heart, then you search no more.

God answered the prayer of the godly men in the world by sending you into the world.

The wonders are the lyrics of the song Leornado da Vince must have hummed while painting My Mona Lisa for such inexplicable painting can’t be complete without music for it is love that guide his brush. Man knows that music is a food to the soul and even the heavens love music. My Mona Lisa, being a heavenly being, could have not been painted without music to feed her soul else it will be an inexpiable crime.

Happy Birthday, My Mona Lisa.


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