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My Thoughts on Big Kids Trick Or Treating on Halloween

Updated on November 23, 2015

Fun Gumby Costume on Halloween

A big, green Gumby would be so fun to see!
A big, green Gumby would be so fun to see! | Source

When Teenagers Come Around on Halloween

Over the last few years I have been thinking about the bigger kids that come around every Halloween evening. I think about them only around this time, and the couple days before and after when I hear people talking about them. I wonder if I haven't come full circle in my thoughts on this.

You see, its so cute when you see the very little ones come around, even the not so little ones. For some reason however, you see some strong responses coming from adults regarding the teenagers that come around and hold out their bags for candy.

I suppose it depends partly on the attitudes displayed, if any. That even makes sense. My point in writing here is to get us all to consider things from the kids point of view, and for various reasons. Before you judge them too harshly, consider the following. I need to share also, that my youngest is now a senior in high school, and hasn't been trick or treating for many years now. So its not from the point of view of my own kids wanting to do this. Hear me out, then I would be curious what your thoughts are if you care to share.

Dressed Up for a Halloween Party


Things to Consider Regarding the Bigger Kids on Halloween

Let me state exactly what I mean first, when I say these "older kids." I am referring to 14 years old and up, I suppose. Or to be even more fair, perhaps 16 years old and up. I heard just this last Halloween, that someone said that if a child is 13 years old or older, that they are too old and shouldn't be trying to get candy. I disagree.

Let us look at this scenario. What if a 14 plus year old is willing to get all dressed up, and is willing to put in the leg work and say "trick or treat?" This isn't much, but its something. Its fun for them! Think of this, life is precious and flying by way too quickly. Have you ever noticed this, or thought this before?

If you have kids or nieces or nephews or friends with kids, you will know what I am referring to. They grow up so fast. Most of their lives will be spent as adults, not as kids! Why not let them have this special one night a year, where they are willing to dress up and say trick or treat? Its pretty harmless, and you only need to give them a piece or two. What harm is done, and I mean what harm is really done? I can't think of any.

Pretty soon these very kids are facing getting through high school, then graduation, getting jobs and learning to drive. They are preparing for the tough realities of life We can't know what they are going through, but we can know that they are trying to have fun on this one Halloween night. If we give disapproving looks or something, how is that going to make them feel? I am speaking of those that think there is some cut off age for kids to trick or treat.

I do wonder what drives me to write about this, for I haven't ever been the "big kid" I am speaking of here, nor have my children. I just genuinely think its a kind gesture to let kids be kids for a little bit longer, in these kinds of ways. There are many other ways in life they are forced to grow up, and rightly so. This is something I just look at as a way we can give them a break, help them to let loose in a safe way, and have a little fun.

Dick Cheney's Cute Dogs on Halloween

2007.  I think these dogs look so cute.
2007. I think these dogs look so cute. | Source

What I do When They Come to My Door

When these "older" kids come to my door on Halloween, I open the door with a big smile, and they usually say, "trick or treat!" I come out of my door onto the lit porch because my beagle would love to come out and bark or run off. I then give candy to anyone that said trick or treat, and sometimes make a little game of it. Let me explain.

This year a group of maybe 6 older kids came as a group. I came out, and they seemed kind of shy or something, and had their masks and bags open for candy. I noticed no one really said trick or treat, but one. The one that did, said it kind of sheepishly in the back of the group, and I said, "Who said trick or treat, they get the first candy!" The young man who was kind of shorter than the others in the back said, "I did!" Then I gave him some candy and the others chimed in, "trick or treat" and it was all good fun. I heard one say, I said it too! I made sure all got their candy and we all had big smiles, of the ones I could see. Don't ask why I did that, but it seemed kind of fun and traditional, and I wished them a Happy Halloween. They said thanks as they ran off. It was really cute.

We have an option to spread joy in our world, even on Halloween. These kids are probably on their last years of trick or treating, and they are making a great effort sometimes to make a memory, whether or not they fully realize all of that. We can have a part in helping be kind to those around us. Perhaps this is not meant for you or even anyone you know. I just know I have overheard some negative comments about kids that go around trick or treating on Halloween, but that shouldn't be. Who sets the rules for age limits anyway?

I love to enjoy every single age that comes around. I will say this too, that over the years less and less kids came around. They grew up and got too old. Then a new group grew up to be old enough, and the cycle continues. Its fun for me and my older kids if they are home, to see the different costumes and help kids to have fun this one night a year. I hope that it might get a few people thinking. It feels great to have some good old fashioned fun, and you get to see neighbors and kids you sometimes don't get to see. I think its something to be celebrated, even though Halloween isn't my favorite holiday.

Thanks for listening to my little rant on this topic. I have almost written on this topic on several different occasions and thought it a bit silly. Since it kept coming back to me, I decided to go ahead and write this. I hope you and yours, and others in your area enjoy Halloween and all the other holidays they celebrate!

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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 22 months ago from The Midwest, USA

      Thank you, DDE, for stopping by and sharing.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 23 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I don't think that 14 years old and up, should trick or treat on Halloween. An interesting opinion.