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My very first Christmas

Updated on December 19, 2010
Little brother Kirby
Little brother Kirby | Source
my two older brothers
my two older brothers
Sister Janet,Larry and Ma
Sister Janet,Larry and Ma

This is A true story about an average boy, born in a time when our country was rebuilding with the help of many returning vet's from a world war.During that time many kids have gone through similar Christmases.

Into almost every child's life there is a great deal of pain many times understood only after the kid reaches adulthood and the pain reemerges in his life. Many children from poor and abusive homes are never found out by the authorities and the scares left behind for these special children linger for many years.

Over the years I have met many a young person who have the earmarks of these family secretes. There is no way to ever know how many kids have slipped away through the cracks of our special society. We as a country have graduated so far and educated or people to the point where life is gaged by whats written in the laws not in the hearts and minds of those survivors who were never helped and forgotten through time.

Christmas was never intended to be a month long celebration of lights and spending money to make your kids happy for about an hour. This has always bothered me for I'm one of those children. The spirit of Christmas has always been just another day to me. Years of just following the age old tradition of just trying to buy or children's affections with gifts, four wheelers and every thing in between.

Just A simple hug would have been fine with me. Over the past fifteen living in Dawsonville,Ga has brought to my attention what I have missed my entire life. I see kids here that will never know what I have experienced in life and I'm proud to be a part of this Christmas for this is the one thing I have missed for ever. I understand that kids need to experience life for them selves however with the roots of a home that include parents that let you know just how much you mean to them gives you a foundation of love that will guide you throughout your life.

For those of you who understand what I'm talking about you are among friends. My hope is that the political arena will totally destroy the last bit of believe that Americans have. Not all Americans believe in Christmas but do have a belief system that celebrates the same type of family and spiritual uplifting. We in this country have the right to believe in anything we want. However to destroy something that took almost 60 years for me to find It. what ever your religious belief is live it and also be an American. Try to remove my belief and I will fight you for ever.

Lets enjoy this year with the hopes and dreams of those who still believe in Christmas. Find a warm spot in your heart to listen to those that don't understand what it's about. All people are part of an evolution, whether you understand or not we travel at our own speed through our life. It may take time for some of us to take all this in but that's what makes us human and different from the animals that serve us.

This year has blessed me with everything I ever wanted that I didn't realize I didn't have . So search your heard it doesn't make you week but strong helping someone else will give you the enjoyment and spirit of what Christmas is about to me. To find your own Christmas spirit, well it may take time as it did for me but if you give up now you will be traveling blind.

Merry Christmas to all, from my heart


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