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NOW it is Christmastime

Updated on November 28, 2009
Merry Christmas (google images)
Merry Christmas (google images)

So, This is Christmas

 Economically speaking, it is the biggest shopping holiday of the year.  Spiritually speaking it is a time for love, joy, acceptance, and closeness.  Where you stand in the great scheme of things is your choice.  If you choose to celebrate Christmas as a gift giver then more power to you.  The economy could use your dollars.  If you prefer a more modest method of celebrating the holiday with a lovely dinner and deep reflection then that is what works for you.

In America Christmas is coming under seige.  I don't know if those who object to it are of other religious bases, non-religous base, or if they just believe that their holiday is more important.  No holiday is more important than any other holiday.  Everyone feels passionate about their special days, even if it is the birthday of your first born, or the day that you tied the knot with the love of your life.

This is where I am leading.  Why is it such a terrible thing to celebrate Christmas?  The holiday did nothing to anyone.  It is a time of spreading good feelings, extra smiles, and extra servings of pumpkin pie.  Christmas is a day, a specific day, December 25.  It may not be the official birthday of the man who's birth is being celebrated but who truly cares?  If a child is adopted and no one knows their birthday then the day they were adopted becomes their birthday.  Is it any different?  Celebrating a birth is a wonderful thing.  Why do many people choose to be offended by the birth of this one man?  He means something to a great deal of Americans.  And currently the majority is being persecuted by the feelings of being offended by the minorities.

This is America.  That is for sure, however it is important to note that the religious freedoms that are afforded to members of this country do extend to those who are Christian.  Give them their day without crying foul.  The Christian community is willing to take the day of Christmas and acknowledge your own holidays during this season.  They do not object when someone tells them "Happy Quanzaa" why should someone of another faith be offended if they wish "Merry Christmas" to them.  I mean really!  Merry Christmas is like saying have a nice day, or thank you for being alive for one more day, or I'm happy to see you are well.  Nothing about Merry Christmas is harmful, hateful, or meant in mean spirits.

It saddens many people in America that those who would choose to complain still celebrate their own holidays.  The sadness is not from the celebration but the prohibition of them to have the opportunity to celebrate their own.  Nativity scenes are peaceful.  Stars are in the sky.  Santa Claus is a jolly fat man who makes children happy.  None of these things is offensive, none of them are meant to harm anyone.  What is the problem?

I know that there is top billing for Christmas but it's been the dominant December holiday for centuries.  It takes a little time to adapt.  It takes a little time to accept.  Christians, as I observe, are willing to accept.  They, for the most part, just want to be given the same rights as anyone else in this country.  Celebrate their spiritual leader's birthday.  Nothing wrong with that.  All other faiths and non-faiths put their holiday on top without a single complaint.

Now the federal government is sticking their spoon into the pot, and THAT is offensive.  What does the federal government have to do with a religious holiday?  Separation of church and state even goes as far as holidays that are of a spiritual nature.  The United States did not choose December 25 to celebrate Christmas.  Roman Catholics did a very long time ago.  The US Government does not have the authority to change the way people in the United States celebrate.  Are they going to tell me that on January 13 I am not allowed to celebrate my birthday?  Is the US Government so presumptuous as to believe they are the all official power in any celebration, and the wording that should be used?

Christmas and other winter holidays are all special.  I don't take away from other holidays but I grew up with Christmas.  Christmas is important to me.  My father passed away 19 days before Christmas when I was a child.  My fondest memories are from my father and no one, especially the government, should take those away from me.  I do not know why they are trying to change us all.

So, stepping gently down from my soap box with a smile on my face and a light in my heart I wish all a Merry Christmas (which truly only means "I love you.")


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