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Updated on February 6, 2012

Ettumanur temple


Nagamkulangara temple is very old.


Nagamkulangara temple is over 1500 years old.

Nagamkulangara temple is situated in Vayalar east village adjacent to Vayalar Panchayat.

Nagamkulangara temple is famous for serpent worship.There are 3 forests inside the compound in which various kinds of serpents exist.

There are golden coloured and silver coloured snakes in the forest.There are abundant number of plant species in the forest.

It is believed that premier Adi Sankara had visited this temple many times.

Nagamkulangara and serpent music (Pulluvan pattu)

Pulluvan Pattu is a special kind of music to appease serpent GODS .

It is sung by a special community callled pulluvars.There are some pulluva families adjacent to this temple engaged in this hereditary profession.People believe that offering of this music in front of mother deity will solve their problems.

Pulluvan Pattu

Mahaganapathy Temple near Nagamkulangara


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    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 8 years ago from Global Citizen

      Indian serpent music is very attractive ,can i get a cd or dvd of Indian serpent music