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Necessity of Remembering U.S Soldiers

Updated on May 30, 2014

Veteran's Day

Why We Celebrate and Honor?

We live in American Society that consists of many cultural backgrounds. In movies, sports, music, and art, people admire various celebrities who give them excitement, temporary happiness. Celebrities are aware that people are attached to them and they try to fulfill emotional needs of fans. Fans peak of celebration and honor for celebrities usually take place while these personalities are alive. Once celebrities die, people express last appreciations and respect for them. I am also a fan of some celebrities. The subject of honor deteriorates when faced with death. I think that these lesser and lesser appreciations of certain people who have contributed significantly to American culture need to be addressed.

U.S soldiers need to be greatly honor while serving and such honor and appreciation must continue. We need to take care of soldiers while they are alive. There are programs that are in place to help war veterans. These programs needs significant improvements. As society, we tend to make politically correct statements that do not hold water. For example, we express how appreciative we are for their services when they are away and return home. But these statements are meaningless when many veterans are homeless and end up on streets.

Soldiers who by God's providence return to U.S must be honor. I am not talking about honoring with lip services, but in proactive ways. Some people argue that I am judging. You should read my article on judging. These soldiers risk their lives in the name of honor and protecting citizens of one of the greatest nation. I refuse to call U.S the greatest nation when it cannot put plans into action that prevent all soldiers from becoming homeless and citizens and political leaders continue to give meaningless praises and honor to them.

Recently it surfaces that injured war veterans are not getting the quality care and services they deserve. It seems to me that when we pay soldiers to go to war, we are telling them that their salaries cover the risks of their physical, emotional, and psychological well beings. I do agree that we are trying to do more, but we have enough money to take care of soldiers. We need to frame laws that give all soldiers (ceased or deceased) the benefits they deserve. Sometimes, I do not understand. As a society, we are displacing values of things that re important. For example, We care more about animals rights than rights of soldiers. Human beings come first at all times. Soldiers are hungry while people spend substantial amount of money on pets. Something is wrong with this picture. Animals are important, but they are not above human beings any way you slice the apples.

Sometimes we go to war without a significant cause or reason. Let us examine the Iraq War. During former President Bush Administration, the decision and reasons to go to war were not significant. Yet, Soldiers were sent to Iraq to fight. I do understand that President Bush had to go through major crisis such as the evil acts of the World Trade Center. The point is many Americans Soldiers died, suffered, and injured.

The decision to begin a war costs money. Both Democratic Party and Republican Party fought by arguing about the decision to go to war. I disagreed with Bush's decision on the war and almost all republicans were in agreement with him. Many democrats opposed the war because it was not necessary to put the lives of U.S soldiers in the line fire. The Iraq war increased U.S debt and the republicans did not complain because going to war was politically correct thing to do. When President Obama came into office, he inherited substantial amount of debts. Then, in 2008 the economy nearly collapse. We had some republicans who unjustifiably criticize President Obama for increasing national debts. As a country, we need to slow down when considering going to war because the money we spent on war could have been used to take care of domestic affairs, especially, caring for injured and dead family soldiers.

The party lines among soldiers who have served and are serving differ. There are soldiers who adhere to Republican Party and other soldiers are loyal to Democratic Party. The beautiful thing about team work of soldiers is that they are able to detach their loyalty to a particular party for the purpose of serving United States of America.

We need to continue to honor past soldiers, present soldiers, and future soldiers. Honor without practical demonstrable deeds is irrelevant.

Veterans Fighting For All People

relatives of Civil War soldier from U.S. Colored Troops, 32nd Regiment

Thank You Veterans

There is an idiom that convey the idea that actions are superior or better than words.

Proud Americans

Spanish American War

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Dedicated and Sacrifices

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