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Gift Basket for Mom On Mother's Day,Birthdays, Valentine's, Easter--Any Holiday. DIY or Order Online

Updated on March 10, 2014

A Gift Basket for Mom? Why not?

For those of you who struggle to think of the perfect gift for Mom or Grandma on Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, her birthday, or any other special day, I would suggest a gift basket, which could be full of items that she loves, or will find useful, if she's the more practical sort.

If you are the type of person who loves to put gifts together yourself, all you have to do is buy some of Mom's favorite items, add a pretty basket with some sort of paper or plastic grass filler(or a cloth liner), a large clear plastic or cellophane gift bag, to wrap the whole gift in, and a pretty bow....put them all together into a one of a kind gift basket, specially made for your mother or any mom you choose to honor on Mother's Day.

Who wouldn't enjoy something like this--knowing that you took the time to make this special gift, especially for them.

Short on time? Buy a gift basket ready-made!

If you are a very busy person, and just don't have the time to put together a Mother's Day gift basket, you can also purchase these ready-made on Amazon.

They have a wonderful selection to chose from, covering all interests or hobbies that your mother may have: gardening, cooking, reading, gourmet foods, gourmet coffees, tea, bath products, perfumes...the list is endless!

Whatever you decide on, your mother--or that "like a mom" woman in your life, will surely love the gift basket that you choose, because, well, YOU chose it for her, showing how much you care for her, and appreciate everything she has done for you, and others, in your lifetime.

Suggestions for items in gift basket!

With a gardening basket, if you make it yourself, you could include packets of Mom's favorite seeds--either flowers or veggies--along with a new pair of gardening gloves, a spade, maybe even some starter plants, or a gift certificate to her favorite garden center or nursery.

For a cooking basket, add a few new utensils, a cookbook she may have been wanting, some cooking spices, a bottle of high quality olive oil, or, again, a gift certificate--the possibilities are unending--whatever you think she'd like!

For the gourmet food lover, you would probably want to add items that are non-perishable, unless you think that she would use them right away. You could also add a gourmet cookbook, if she loves to cook and try out new recipes.

A perfume filled gift basket would be lovely, if you know what her favorites are. You could give her a bottle of perfume, a bottle of lotion in the same scent, or whatever products that scent is available in. If she has two or three favorite scents, that would make a wonderful assortment of items to include in the gift basket!

Is Mom an avid reader? Then how about a gift basket filled with a couple new book releases, a few bookmarks(because those tend to wander off at times), a clip-on book light, or even a gift card to her favorite book store. Or, is she loves crossword puzzles, then several new puzzle books would be an option, also.

Coffee or tea lovers would be thrilled to have a gift basket full of their favorites flavors, and perhaps a few new ones added in for them to try out. You could also buy a nice cup or mug, and a pretty container for storing the coffee or tea in. Possibly some flavored creamers, or a pretty bowl, filled with sugar cubes...whatever your mother prefers!

You just can't go wrong with a gift basket. It could be her birthday, a holiday, or just a day that you want to do something nice for her, to show your love, to say you're sorry, or "just because". And with the option of buying ready-made gift baskets, you don't have to worry about not having the time to pick out all of the items--just go online and order the one you think she will love!


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