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Beautiful New Year Resolution Ideas And Advice

Updated on December 18, 2010

New year is the juncture between the past and present moments, it is the time when in one side individual thinks about the past and on the other side looks forward for the beginning of a new time. It is a time when people look back to their life, what they have done, what to do in next, what errors have occurred and they then take resolution to make their life beautiful in all ways possible by them, and also take resolutions to do their best to rectify their errors. Here are some resolutions that a person can follow and make a resolution on that basis.

To Begin New Relations - New year can bring everything new to us. We can even start a new relation with our friends or with our beloved one or with relatives. It is a good time to express our feelings and emotion towards them who are closed to our heart. Sometimes we can see that problems have raised between friends or beloved one and even sometimes a simple new year wish make them feel happy and put an end to the problems. Its also a good time to propose our beloved one. We can easily propose our special person by wishing new year saying that we love him/ her. Even we can also take resolution to carry our relationship with our loved ones more and more deeply and with more devotion. We can take resolutions never to make them hurt and always will try to make them happy. A new relation begins with new year. A new beginning towards a new life, a new journey towards a new new destination. Now we can also begin our journey just by wishing through New year scraps, and express to them your feelings, emotions.

To Complete Pending Jobs – All persons want do such things within a time, but it is not seems always possible to do all those things with that time, so we may also take a resolution to complete all our pending jobs and should be more particular in case of using time, because as we all know time waits for none. What we can do is that at first we have to prepare a chart of our pending works and then we ought to think which one should we do at first and why and then how much time we can give on that work If we don’t get the proper way then we should ask the others whom we think fit to do so, we should listen them carefully and think and then we can do our work properly. After completion of those works we can get a great satisfaction feeling that at last we have done it.

To Rectify All Errors – Well we use do so many things in our life, but some of them may be wrong, some may also hurt some one, some may also be harmful to others. So it’s our duty to see our behaviours and rectify those. Some faults give us also a big lesson, so all those depend on us that how do we learn from there. We can take a resolution to try to give our best to those whom we hurt or such our gestures made them feel sad. We can decide no to do the same wrong again and specially to those who are closed to us, we should also try to notice all their liking, disliking and do our acts following that so that, these may feel them that we are truly felt guilty for our works and so that we can make them happy and this will help them to think positive about us and also make them feel better then before.

To Spend Times With Family And Others Who Are Closed To Us - Well it’s a big resolution to take that to spend some times with our family members, who give their time for us and to those people who are closed to our heart. Due to pressure of works we are not always be able to give our lovable persons to give sufficient time which they deserve. And due to this lack of interaction understanding and depression may happen, so we all should spend some times with those person whom we love and who love us, so that we can easily make clear about our thinking to them and it also becomes a hard base of our relationship. Spend more time with your beloved one, with your family members and friends, we can call our beloved one and our family members when we stay out side of our homes, even we can also send them messages, we can go out side of home at the weekend and can see movies or go to family parks or visit some places, go for watching movies, sometimes we can also cook their favourite dishes or even can gossip sometimes with them, these all can make both us and those persons who are close to us refreshed and relaxed and also can reduce our stress, depression and tensions. These all will make you feel refreshed and relaxed and you will also be able do your job perfectly.

To Live A Healthy Life – In this present era people has not that much time to look after their health, But due to be careless about health may create a big problem in life and it is also problematic to the others who bother for us. A healthy and wealthy life brings smile both on the face of us and ours beloved people. That also may cause of an energetic and happy life. Do exercise properly, take meals in time and with sufficient quantity. Avoid spicy and unhealthy foods, always stay clean and clear and make the atmosphere clean also. Stop smoking and drinking, stop making places unclean and unhygienic. In case of having extra weight, we can take also a resolution to reduce extra fat and become slim. So that we can do proper and scientific dieting, we can take green vegetables and salad and also those foods which are fatless and also healthy for us and go to gym for exercise and even we do exercise at our home also. We can swim or go for morning work to loose extra fat. That is the way to live healthy.

Make A Goal – Well we all think to get something, to do something, we use to see dream for something but our ultimate need is pleasure. Sometimes we get puzzle thinking what to do and not to do. So to achieve something, make a goal at first. Then make plan how to reach at that goal, sometimes it may take a long time a ling time sometimes it doesn’t take that much time, but should have patience and we should always have a positive mind. We must take an oath not to give up hope and to face all kinds of problems. That will help us to get experience and would be a step ahead to get our desires and success. To get goal we may consult with your seniors, friends and whoever we think fit to do so. We can prepare a routine or schedule to work according to that time, so that can also help us to prevent wastage of times. We should focus on that thing which we desire to get. We should follow a system, a proper way to achieve that thing or things. Someone may have financial problem, so we should think the cause of the problem and then to find out its resolution. So here to say that we all should give to ourselves times to think about our activities and our desires on which we should be concerned.

To Be Organized – Well its one of the main thing that we should all do. To make our life organized, we should at first have an organized habit. There are some people who scattered their things every where, so this is not a good sign to be organized. We can keep everything organized at their places, so that we need not find elsewhere that thing at the time of emergency, to get an organized home, we also be at first organized, so that we would be able to plan our life in an organized way. We can plan for a good and organized life, to get that we should fix a time of our works; we should not mix our personal life with our professional life. We should never bring our outside works in home. We should give proper time to our parents, our wives/ husbands, children or others who are closed to us. We should sometimes go outside to home for relaxation. We should bring something for our closed ones, we should talk to them clearly, share our feelings with them which make them happy and also let them feel that how much they are important in our life and how much we give them value and care about them.

Plan For Savings – It is also a good resolution to take. We all earn something, but it’s very tough to save money properly. So what can we do is we can reduce taking diner or lunch at restaurants or in hotels almost regularly, and even we can keep aside some amounts of money to save in banks or any other place as we thing fit. We can stop purchasing unnecessary things. We can try to live as simple as possible. And that will make us conscious about saving money that we earn and even also secure our future.

Every one makes resolution regarding their life, some decide to study properly, where as some decide to earn properly and in a systematic manner, on the other side some decide to make their personal life more beautiful and smooth. It varies form person to persons. But the common in all is everyone makes some resolution in life, it also depends how much they are interested in fulfilling their aims properly, because their interest will encourage them to complete and to reach at their goals and resolution


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