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Antarctica the best place to be on New Years Eve

Updated on June 6, 2014
Airbus A380
Airbus A380

Antarctica flights

If you have the time and money, you can celebrate new years eve in an Airbus A380 flying over the south pole. A company called Antarctica flights charters a Quantas Airbus A380 for an Antarctica tour flight over the south pole. The Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane ever built will leave Sydney on new years eve, stop in Melbourne, and then head for the south pole.

Why would you want to go

Here are some reasons why people want to go to Antarctica.

  • It's there and not many people have been there. It's similar to why people want to climb Mt Everest, but much easier.
  • It's one of the few places in the wold that you can see many types of penguins, and the only place to see the emperors.
  • There are many types of birds to see and photograph in their environment.
  • Icebergs, many different colors of ice, and many sizes. Some are hundreds of feet high and miles long.
  • It is one of the most beautiful and most desolate place on earth.
  • See whales, seals, killer whales in their natural environment that is unspoiled.

Antarctica flights

The plan is to be over the south pole at midnight, and to fly figure 8's over the polar region for 4 hours, for sightseeing. They have been cleared to fly at 2000 feet above the highest terrain in the area. They will then head back to Melbourne and Sydney. The total flight will last around 11 1/2 hours, and cover around 9500 Kilometers.

Throughout the flight, there will be experts giving commentary on the antarctic tour area, and telling their personal stories about being there. There will also be video documentaries that the passenger can watch, and a jazz band will be playing in the lounge area. The flight cost includes 2 meals.

Here is a link to a first hand account of some people who were on one of the flights, it goes through what they experienced and what they thought about the trip.

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Antarctica flights

The cost of the trip will range from $999 for a center non window seat, up to $6299 for a first class window seat. The plane will carry 450 passengers, with 8 different seating packages.

If you would like to take one of the Antarctica tours or buy tickets, you can find out more info here. A very unique way to spend new year eve.

Antarctica tours

More trips

The flights are now not just on New Years Eve. They have flights over Antarctica that now run more often. They do run in the summer months, that are the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere.

Other trips to Antactica

There are several other ways to explore Antarctica if you are looking for an adventure. There are cruises that you stay on the ship, and ones that you can land on the continent and do some exploring with guides.

There is also a cruise with exploration that does keep you on Antarctica on New years eve so you can get the full experience.

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