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No Memorial Day Writing From Me..........Why?

Updated on June 2, 2010

Usually I always write something about a nearby holiday. This year I decided to stage my own one man protest for Memorial Day. For those not living in the United States Of America, Memorial day is a day we set aside to honor those serving in the military. Both living and those that died.

I love my country. I love those that serve to give me the lifestyle I so much enjoy. I will wave my flag with the best of them. However this year I couldn't do it.

When I was a child we said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. It was a honor to be selected to raise the flag at school every morning for a week. Sure you had to get to school a few minutes early, but you wanted to, and were proud to do it. . We learned the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America and other patriotic songs. We learned the history behind the songs.

It was a great time to be living in America. Houses were proudly flying flags. Kids played army. We wanted to be either athletes or army men when we grew up. We killed many an evil doer with our rifles. Sure the were just sticks, but we saved the country with those sticks. You can thank me later.

So, if I have such a strong passion for my country, why didn't I write about it before the holiday. That's the reason. Today's generation seems to love my country when it's a day off from work, with pay.Sure we'll wave our flags as the parade goes down Main Street. That's if your town is one of the few that still have parades.

We will stuff ourselves with hamburgers, hot dogs and beer. Party until the wee hours. During this time will anyone realize what these holidays are about? We will drive 50 miles to get to the beach and begin the summer ritual of tanning. Does anyone drive 5 miles to a cemetery to honor our vets? We will lay the beach towel on a strip of beach. Do these same people lay a flower at a Veteran's grave site?

When I was a child the Veterans were honored everyday. Now we only honor them on Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and the 4th of July. The other 362 days of the year they don't exist. Maybe we will get a reminder when a local man or woman dies overseas. It's close to home then. It's hard to ignore when it's close to home.

Santa Claus gets more recognition then the soldiers. Why? He gives you presents. Material things that everyone wants. Suntan lotion, a new barbecue grill. Santa' a hero. Well, the soldiers are the ones that protect Santa and all he stands for! They give us freedom and peace of mind. Without these Veterans, we wouldn't be drinking the beer, sucking down the food, and getting that tan.

Maybe I should be glad that at least we honor these brave souls three times a year. I still can't grasp why they are ignored the rest of the year.

So my one man protest concerning the treatment of our troops is over. Another month and it will be Independence Day. More hot dogs and beer. More tanning and swimming. I don't begrudge anyone doing that. By all means enjoy yourselves. Just maybe sometime during the day, give thanks to those that are in harms way, those that have died, just so you can enjoy these things. Please! Thanks!


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