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Non Candy Alternatives for Easter Baskets

Updated on March 11, 2016

Eggg Ornaments


No More Candy!

Many holidays are filled with chocolate, candy and treats. Every visit to the grocery store holds displays of candies advertising the next holiday. If you are looking for an alternative to candy either because of allergies or a healthy diet, there are many options that can be used to fill Easter baskets or eggs for a egg hunt.


Egg Hunt Fillers

For most children participating in the hunt for eggs is far more exciting than what is actually in the eggs themselves. There are commercially sold eggs ready filled with treats, trinkets etc, but they can easily be created with a trip to the dollar store. Fillable eggs are sold in a variety of colors and designs and can be recycled to use year after year. If you have more than one child participating in the hunt you can assign a specific egg color to each child, decorate the eggs with stickers unique to each child or write initials with a permanent pen on the eggs.

Items to Fill Plastic Eggs
puzzle pieces
lego mini figures
snacks such as goldfish
silly putty
nail polish
mini crafts

Egg Decorating Using a Spinning Tool

Egg Decorated Using a Spinning Egg Tool
Egg Decorated Using a Spinning Egg Tool | Source

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Egg Decorating Kits

A good option for an easter gift is an egg decorating kit. There are many options available, both for egg decoration and dyeing. Pastel, tie dye, glitter, marble, neon and glow in the dark are just some examples of the types available. Many kits some with stickers, wax crayons and accessories to make dyeing eggs a fun event. The tubs provided for egg coloring can be recycled for other uses or saved for the following year.

Another fun gadget for egg decorating is an egg spinner. An egg is placed in a spinner with coloring dye. When the egg is spun the dye is thrown over the egg and a design is made.

Ideas for Items to put in an Easter Basket

You can easily make up an Easter basket with items that will keep kids busy. Many craft stores and retail stores such as Target sell a variety of baskets, including wicker, character and pail types. These can be filled with toys, gifts and games.

Items that can be put in Easter Baskets
sidewalk chalk
jump rope
bubble wands
art materials
silly putty
card games
mini figures
play doh
stuffed animals
books/book marks

Themed Baskets

With Spring beginning and children having individual interests, a themed basket is a good idea. There are many possibilities, swimming basket, gardening basket, musical basket to name a few.

Some Examples of Items for Themed Baskets.

Swimming Basket
Gardening Basket
Musical Basket
Outdoor Basket
gardening gloves
sun glasses
Bug catching kit
swim suit
percussion instruments
bycycle bell
suntan cream
kneeling pad
music sheets
disposible camera
small watering can
guitar pics
swimming goggles
book on planting
musical notes flashcards
books about wildlife/birds/plants
water toys

Ideas for Age Appropriate Baskets

Easter themed Sippy Cup
disposible camera
sun glasses
Easter board books
gift cards - cinema/itunes/bookstore
trading cards

Example of a Blind Bag


Personal Baskets

An alternative idea is to make a basket that is personal to the child. A child that loves cats for example would love a basket filled with cat books, cat themed stationary, posters, cat jewelry and cat themed PJ's. A child who loves mini figures would enjoy a basket filed with blind bags of various figures, books about collecting figures, storage boxes for figures.

Easter Coloring Book


Easter Themed Baskets

Whether you would like a religious or a Spring theme, there are many items that would lend themselves to Easter baskets. There are a wide range of Children's Bibles available, many with beautiful illustrations. Easter themed coloring books, games, crafts and sticker books are readily available.

So in conclusion, there are many items you could include in an Easter basket as alternatives to chocolate and candy. By including items personal to the recipient or following a theme you can create a wonderful selection that will keep children busy during the Easter period. If you do decide to include candy in the basket, a new toothbrush and toothpaste could be added to help keep their teeth clean!

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