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October 14th: Sesame Street Grover's Birthday

Updated on October 14, 2012
Happy Birthday Grover!
Happy Birthday Grover!

Cute, Furry Little Monster

We have all watched Sesame Street when we were little. I know I did. It was one of my many favorite shows when I was a kid. My favorite characters were Elmo, Cookie Monster Big Bird, Count and Grover. Well today is Grover’s birthday. How exciting!

Grover calls himself a “cute, furry little monster” and cute he has always been. At least I thought so and I am sure everyone who watched Sesame Street and still does, (you know who you are) still thinks he is a “cute, furry little monster.” He is also very talented because he has taken on many roles and professions through the run of the show.

Grover had many episodes he has appeared in. They include Water Grover, Global Grover and Super Grover. He also appears in Monsterpiece Theater sometimes and the Spanish Word of the Day. He was also the “moving and grooving monster” when he was one of the hosts for Play with me Sesame. He also has a bestselling book from the Little Golden Book Series, The Monster at the End of the Book.

Grover’s First Television Appearance

Grover’s first television appearance was on The Ed Sullivan Show as Gleep, the monster in Santa’s workshop in 1967. After this, in 1968, he made an appearance on The Muppets on Puppets with the Rock and Roll Monster.

Grover’s Start on Sesame Street

Grover made his first appearance on Sesame Street at the start of the show as a dark furry monster. He later became the blue furry little monster we all love and know as Grover. This was also when his personality and voice began to change and remain who we all know and love today as the “cute, furry little monster.”

Grover’s Personality

Grover, along with Elmo, is one of Sesame Street’s most popular characters. Children can identify with him because of the imaginary adventures he goes on as well as his silly way of speaking. Grover also does not speak with contractions.

Grover has the mind of a 4 year old and this is why children can identify with this special Sesame Street character. The performers of Grover’s character are Frank Oz and Eric Jacobson. Mr. Oz started playing Grover in 1970 and still does to this day as well as Eric Jacobson who Mr. Oz started sharing the role of Grover with in 1998.

Make sure to sing Happy Birthday as loud as you can to the cute, little furry monster, Grover today! Happy Birthday Grover! We love you.


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