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On This day you were born on earth, my good friend Waza.

Updated on July 9, 2015

Waza and daughtet Lwandle, effortless Just like Daddy.


On this day the 7th of July 1981 you were born on Earth.

Happy Birthday Waza, Lwandle May Her Earth Bring

Joy to Your World.

Waza Happy Birthday.

1981 July 07.

On this day you came into the world.

Your mother had a son, you carried the seeds

of her morality hope and faith.

Life has been kind.

Being an artesian is effortless in your plight, you

have applied your self, mind and worked endless

hours over the years to became a senior, a master

at your trade.

Your laughter erodes fear.

Your smile embraces kindness.

You Love pork Waza, you cook it so well, those

that are under your care.

Those that dwell in your heart are blessed.

Our dreams.

When they shatter.

It is impossible, you could never bring it to Life.

We are left empty, hopeless, scared, frightened

We are betrayed by our lack of faith in self.


Allows we us the strength and courage, to deal

with the challenges of today.

Tomorrow we relive yesterday and today.

The symbols in the world of our tomorrow

are lessons and blessings of the past and the


When you want to see tomorrow look at today.

A reflection of yesterday

All the best, my good friend Waza.

Regards Nkosinathi Doggie Style Shizel‎

Shout out to. Mpilo General Young Shaka.

Ps May the presence of sisi Kwena keep your

heart and heritage safe warm cosy and rested on

Mother earth.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 2 years ago

      What a beautiful, touching tribute.