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On this day, the earth was blessed with your heritage.

Updated on September 1, 2015

On this day the earth was blessed with your heritage.

God is merciful.

Your mum has seen your success.
And the seeds of a good woman which she
planted ‎in your mind.
Your mind is glorious.

The greatest gift you gave to the world
w‎as to love God with all your heart.
Yet because God dwells in your heart, you never
stop praying, you keep striving to better self.

To be a grand parent with educated children that
is JOY.

Your dearest little sister will graduate in the near
future due to her determination.
As well as your unconditional faith in her
exsistence and gift of life.

Still you Rise.

Your first born son, Tshiamo is astonishing, may
he always walk in the shadow of God.
May he love the reality of his family, like you
worship the word.

Nkanyiso may his innocence be persevered
beyond childhood.
Make they always make you proud.


As for you Mme Khumalo.
It is your Birthday on the 16th of August.
You are a gift to humanity.
A blessing to those dearest to you.

The Khumaloz are my Hero.

Happy Birthday.
May you celebrate all that you love daily.

All that makes you sad may it perish.

In the Lord Jesus name.

Please make a wish and may fate grant it with

Ps Happy Birthday Mme Khumalo
Lord please help me to be faithful
all the days of of my life.


Nkosinathi Ncala

Uncle Nathi


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