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Outdoor Halloween Decorations on a Tight Budget

Updated on October 14, 2011
Don't let a low budget spoil your Halloween.
Don't let a low budget spoil your Halloween. | Source

Every year, October rolls around and inspires us to create a spooky atmosphere for all of the trick-of-treat enthusiasts. With the economy in a downfall, many individuals find the need to choose between decorating their outdoor space or purchasing enough candy to pass out to all of the neighborhood kids. By budgeting accordingly and creating your own decorations, you can manage to decorate and purchase candy this year.

Design your own graveyard. Gather old scraps of wood including plywood or any section of wood that is at least 12-inches wide. Cut the wood to a various heights between 18-inches and 36-inches. Paint the sections of wood with white paint and highlight the edges and corners with gray. Use black paint to write different names such as “Casper”, “Spooky” or “Boo” to give the graves a fun touch of personalization.

Decorate your outdoor space with tree ghosts. Gather white garbage bags and fill the bottom of each bag with leaves from your yard. Only fill around ¼ of the bag to leave space for the ghost “body.” Tie rope around the section to separate the leaf filled area from the rest of the body. Draw eyes and an open mouth onto the leaf filled area using a black marker. Tie the ghosts in a tree with rope to give the appearance of flying in the wind.

Create an inexpensive candy bowl with an ordinary pumpkin. Wait until the day before Halloween to set out and purchase a large pumpkin. Stores and farmers will generally discount the pumpkins greatly during the final days of Halloween to ensure they all sell and they do not lose money during the Halloween season. Cut off the top of the pumpkin; around 1/8 of the crown area, and hallow out the pumpkin. Line the interior of the pumpkin with wax paper or aluminum foil. Draw or paint a scary face on the outside of the pumpkin. Pour candy into the center of the pumpkin. This is an attractive option for leaving candy outside of the door during the Halloween night.


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    • John Wulff profile image

      John Wulff 6 years ago from Northern British Columbia

      Hey Magnicity,

      I like your idea about the candy bowl made out of a pumpkin. It's very neat and I haven't heard of it before!

    • happyexplorer profile image

      happyexplorer 6 years ago from Mostly USA, sometimes elsewhere

      Hi Magnicity!

      I enjoy Halloween as much as kids do! These are great tips!