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Not so Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Updated on March 19, 2012

My god-daughter can be such a brat!

She knows I hate when she makes these faces so she does them for my pics
She knows I hate when she makes these faces so she does them for my pics

duties of a god mother

Annie is my sister’s only daughter and is my god-daughter! Personally we didn’t know if we were going to throw her a sweet 16th party because she was making bad decisions at one time and decided to drive her mother and I crazy by becoming not so sweet. Then again who are we to judge, right? Besides this she gets really good grades in school and has almost most of her years attending school.

These last few years have been kind of hard for my sister and her kids because she decided to finally leave her cheating husband, but in doing this she also was giving up half of the income and the farther of her kids (his choice). Well anyway she only has so much money for this event put aside and because I am the god mother I already knew this event would be here soon so luckily even though it was hard (because I am a single parent of two girls) I started to put money aside for it. Well my brat niece/god-daughter wanted to have a bonfire party at the beach but, I suggested not too because who in their right mind would go to the beach at night this time of year?

Actually I don’t think she should have that much of a say on where or what we have because I wanted to surprise her (with the outcome of everything like decorations and what not) and she isn’t the one paying for it, me and her mother are.

First of all I am so lucky I have a friend by the name of William and he agreed to let me have the party in his nice back yard with a lovely view, in such a short notice! I am also glad that my stubborn older sister by 11 years let me take the responsibility of mostly everything because she is such a big pain when she throws a party! My god-daughter was happy with the end resulting location and didn’t fight me about it like all the other 100 suggestions that I had. Furthermore because I am a deal shopper I found some good deals at our local goodwill for the decorations because we are having a Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, and diamonds are a girl’s best friend theme! My niece couldn’t decide on one thing so were making it a 3 themed party!

My sister went to downtown LA and found good deals on a lot of different candies, table clothes, and jewelry for our decorations. We are going back this Monday so I can go check it out and buy some more décor. I also bought some food trays and bowls from the Dollar Tree, not so bad. I’m also having one of my friend's who is a great artist that prepares props for raves that he D.J’s, make a banner for the occasion of course to fit the theme. I am so excited that we (the hosts and guest of honor of course) are going to dress up like the Marilyn Monroe days in Hollywood, yeah! Oh and for music my niece put all the music she like on an IPod that connects to my daughters big speaker that can also be a karaoke machine as well. So far my sister and I have not spent all of our money yet and we already got most of everything already, she had $300 and I had roughly $350.

Check List

  1. guest list and invites
  2. attire
  3. location
  4. most of the decorations
  5. tables and chairs
  6. music and games
  7. candy bar
  8. Food, cake, and drinks ≥this is all we need and that’s about it!

Well hopefully it turns out great for such a short notice and budget, to be continued I will let everyone know how it goes!

Annie and me


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    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 6 years ago from los angeles, ca

      Oh how sweet thanks MT

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

      I LOVE your great sense of humor and the fact that you don't beat around the bush. I think it's really cool of you to help out with your Goddaughter's birthday. She will never forget it! I want to know how it all turns out. Your both adorable by the way-I just love these pictures of you two.


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