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Packers vs. Steelers Super Bowl XLV

Updated on January 23, 2011

Packers Vs Bears

 The Green Bay Packers defeat the Chicago Bears Sunday January 23, 2011 at Solider Field  with a 21-14 upset. Putting them right into the hands of Super Bowl XLV! Making this their first Super Bowl appearance since 1998 when it was Super Bowl XXXII.

The game was an interesting one. Aaron Rodgers didn't play his best, but his best wasn't needed to beat the Bears. Let's hope he can bring his A-game when it comes to the Super Bowl because he is going to need it against the opposing team!

Steelers Vs Jets

While I watched this game from beginning to the end of the 3rd quarter and could give you a play by play of everything that went on, I'll spare you every single detail. But the Steelers won! Defeating the Jets with a 24-19 victory. Landing them in their 8th Super Bowl appearance. And I'm sure they are hoping for their 7th Super Bowl ring.

Steelers definately have a huge fan base and this should be a very intersting game. I'm partial to the Steelers myself so I will be rooting for them all the way!

Super Bowl XLV

 So for all of you that are wondering, Super Bowl XLV (45 for those of us that can't read roman numerals) is going to be held February 6, 2011 and kick off time is currently set at 6:30pm EST. The Super Bowl this year will be hosted in Arlington, TX in the Cowboys home Stadium.

And the teams will be ......

Steelers Vs Packers!

I know I'm excited about this match up and hope that the Steelers will prevail!




Who are you rooting for?

Are you rooting for the Packers or the Steelers?

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