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Party and Wedding Invitation Styles

Updated on August 28, 2011

Identify the Party Style or Event Before Choosing a Font or Style

Invitations can be formal or informal, depending on the event, and the type of printing used for the invitations can be influenced by the theme of the party. Calligraphy can be hand printed or ink jet printed on the card stock, and the letters themselves can be embossed or foil stamped for three dimensional looks. Ink colors are also used to further refine or add life to a the printed invitation.

Hand Printed or Computer Generated Calligraphy

Calligraphy can be handwritten or typed and printed from a computer. There are many different calligraphy fonts that are available and come standard with most computer software programs. Calligraphy can be handwritten directly on the paper itself, or can be printed out on any paper compatible with the printer. Hand written calligraphy is nice for smaller events as it can be time consuming for large parties.

Raised Printing Styles

Raised printing gives a three dimensional feel to the invitation, and can be done in different colors or in monochromatic themes. Examples of colored raised printing include colored foil stamping where the foil paper is heat set to the paper. Monochromatic designs are where no color is used on the invitation, and the raised printing comes from embossing the letters onto the paper itself through pressure. Raised printing is good for thicker papers that can withstand and showcase pressing and stamping.

Thermography as a Lower-Cost and Faster 3-D Lettering Style

Thermography is a great alternative to foil stamping or embossing because it costs less to produce and is faster to print while still giving a raised appearance. It involves actual color pigments being heat set onto the paper giving a raised look and feel. It can be used when the paper itself cannot be stamped since the backside will be smooth and unaltered.

Font and Invitation Colors

The types of colors used for invitation is important and can give either a refined or casual flair to the paper. Metallic gold and silver colors are generally reserved for formal occasions. Pastels can be used for outside events. Invitations for evening or those that are sent out around a holiday can be done in primary colors, or in gray and navy shades. Monochromatic types of printing can be raised lettering or lettering in the same color family as the invitation itself.

Themed Invitations

For kids' birthday parties, the invitations can easily be made to match the overall theme of the party. The same goes for adults when creating invitations. Outdoor weddings may have a sprig of dried herb or flower tied to the outside, or even have seeds imbedded into the invitation itself as a specialty paper. Events on or near holidays can have the same colors to match the event, such as a Christmas party having red and green colors or a New Year's Eve party using gold and silver.


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