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Perfect Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Bake

Updated on February 28, 2015

Trying to think of gift ideas for a friend or family member? It can be hard knowing what to get and what they would like. Whether it's a Christmas gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift or any other special occasion you still want to buy something that'll suit their tastes. So I thought I could give you some help by writing some guides on what to get people who are interested in a specific hobby.

This article is specifically for gift ideas for bakers and cake makers, or anybody who loves cooking! But I have more gift lists for other hobbies too, which you will find at the bottom of this article.

I've split this article into easy sections depending on the type of baking tools. So hopefully you will be able to easily find the perfect gift for your loved one.

If your loved one isn't a baker but you still need gift ideas then check out one of my other gift lists that you can find at the bottom of this hub!

Moulds, Tins and Cutters

Cake Tins and Baking Tins - If your making a cake, any type of cake then a cake tin or baking tin is essential! A good one with a pop up bottom makes it easier to get your cake out in one piece. They come in all shapes and sizes so options are endless.

Silicon Moulds - These are the new craze in baking moulds, instead of the tins like above the shape is made of silicon, meaning it is easy to bend the mould and pop the cake out without damaging the shape. This has meant the shapes have become a little more interesting and elaborate than general cake shapes.

Novelty Moulds - Think castles, cars, trains, teddy bears, and lots of other fun shapes. It is so much easier to make a fun novelty birthday cake at home with these novelty moulds, so you don't have to fork our a fortune to a cake maker or bakery. And it is so much better when it's home made!

Cookie Cutters - Making cookies and biscuits is a great activity especially with children. So cookie cutters have become increasingly popular. You can now buy them in all sorts of shapes and sizes, even cartoon characters and disney have their own sets! Kids will love making treats for their friends and family with you.

Papers, Holders and Toppers

Muffin cases and cupcake cases - You can't just make cupcakes in the actually baking tin (unless its a silicon one!) as they will just stick to the sides and you can't get them out, so you have to use cases. You know the little paper cases? Well no longer are they just white you can get them in a whole selection of fun colours, patterns and sizes.

Cupcake boxes and wrappers - To allow the baker in your life to give a little back you can buy them cute little cake boxes or special wrappers so they can give the pretty cupcakes they make to other people or just take them to work/school for lunch! You will be amazed by the beautiful selection of delicate wrappers you can get, that will make a little cupcake look so much more special.

Flag toppers - These are exactly as they sound. You can buy little flags to go onto of the cupcakes to make them look cute or special, this is especially great for parties or bake sales! These flags come with all sorts of things on them, to match with a certain theme or just to make them look pretty.

Decorating Tools

Just like an artist needs tools, a baker needs a whole selection of little tools to help them decorate and make their cakes look pretty and utterly yummy!

Piping Tools - Getting frosting all neatly swirled up a little cupcake isn't easy. Neither is trimming a large cake with perfect little swags, it requires lots of practice, effort and a great set of piping tools. Each nozzle will create a different patterned piping, so having a little set of different nozzles will be a great tool that'll get used over and over again.

Modelling Tools - If your loved one likes to sculpt pretty characters for their cakes or make special models they will need modelling tools. Every watched Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes and wondered how they make those amazing characters or little details? They use modelling tools! Just like a sculptor except for modelling chocolate and marzipan instead of clay.

Decorating Ingredients - There are lots of extra ingredients you need to make pretty cakes not just flour, eggs and butter these days. Modelling chocolate, marzipan, special icing and pretty toppers and sparkly stuff!

Decorating Books - Like with all hobbies and passions it doesn't always come naturally, sometime you need to do some studying. Decorating books are great for inspiration, ideas and techniques on how to make cakes look special. Some of the decorating techniques are very complicated and decorating books make it a little easier to work out how to do them.

Mixing Bowls and General Tools

Of course as well as all the pretty stuff you still need the basic baking essentially if you want to make cakes, so maybe you could buy someone a great basic item that they will be able to use over and over.

Mixing Bowls - The most basic of all items needed to make cakes or any baking item is probably a mixing bowl. The only way to mix all the yummy ingredients together to make even yummier things to eat is in a mixing bowl of some sort. And you can get such lovely bowls these days.

Electric Mixers - For the lazy or time sensitive baker! An electric mixer will make it so much easier and so much quicker to make batters, doughs or a multitude of other items. Great for older bakers to as it takes a lot of the hard effort and work out of mixing together tough ingredients.

Utensils - Again essential in any form of cooking! Unless of course you want to use your hands, which can work sometimes but not always and it just gets really messy!

Measuring Cups - These are great, in all honesty I love mine so much and use them all the time. Just makes measuring things so much easier as you don't have to weight everything!

Wire Racks - Needed to cool bread, cupcakes or cakes. If they are left in the tins or moulds they will either go hard as they continue to cook or soggy as they sweat. Neither is good! Wire racks are essential too!

Bread Makers - Well this is just a great way to save time when making bread, or for someone who is new to baking and bread making. Most of them have lots of extra functions too, so they don't just make bread, you can make any number of doughs, batters and cakes in them. So practical and versatile.


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