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Sexy Valentine's Day Gift for Guys

Updated on June 21, 2010

Give him a Valentine he won't forget!

Want to get him really interested in you this Valentine's Day? There's a sure fire way to get his attention, ladies, and it is not with a box of candy, card, or a dinner. You can shop for, what you consider to be, just the right card, or spend hours cooking some exotic dish, and light all the candles in the world. But, nothing will get your man's attention like great sex!

That's right, you heard me, great sex! Most men would rather not go a card shop, tote a red-heart box filled with chocolates, or trudge back to their car being trailed by a hot pink balloon splattered with some sexy message or teddy bear picture. This is not exactly  what a lot of men care to do, or be seen doing.

Sorry, ladies, men are interested in sex. No two ways about it, sex, sports, beer and a remote control speak volumes to your man's senses! Sports invigorate the male competitiveness; beer turns up their self-illusion, and a remote control, well, it's the all mighty rod of power for every red-blooded man. But, then there's the sex thing. Sex, ultimately is answer to a man's need to claim and conquer!

The most perfect gift you could give to your Valentine is a self-made video. That's right, a personal, sexy, video made by you and of you that could be the most memorable gift he'll ever receive! Think about it, you could show him a side of you that he might have missed. You could take him into a fantasy world and tantalize him. Nothing like a healthy dose of a sexy, intoxicating, video of the one that shares his everyday world.

Before you rip off your clothes and grab that video camera, you need to do a bit of planning. I know, I know, planning takes time and effort, but it can completely change the way your lover thinks about you. The video can be a sexy, steamy, and passionate, or it can be just ho-hum. And, honey, this is one movie you do not want him to doze off while watching!

You'll need to think about what kind of guy is your man? I mean, is he into sports, dancing, pool, gardening, cooking, weight-lifting, cars or trucks? Is he attracted to legs, breasts, buns, or the good ole glory hole? Are his love-making techniques subtle, wild, passionate, slow and easy, or quick and done? Is he attracted to blonds, redheads, or brunettes? Blue, green, or dark eyes?

Does he have a preference for professional, classical, boudoir, or women in jeans? Lots of makeup and jewelry, or plain and natural? Is he tuned into scents, and what kinds? Does he have any fetishes, such as feet, toes, or fingers? Long, short, curly or straight hair?

Are you beginning to understand why you must tailor this video just for the kind of man he is? Men are not as transparent as advertisers make them out to be. In fact, they are as complex as women, and their sex drive is just as intricate and complicated.

If your man is a fun kind of guy, perhaps adding a costume to the scenario might be the way to go. Even if he's a serious or shy guy, there's probably something you know about that turns him on or a fantasy that he might like to have fulfilled. Something like, having his own private secretary, watching you in the garden in the early morning light, or watching you secretly.

You can be yourself, or the fantasy person that expressly suits his desires. You can make up a story, or tell him what you want to tell him about sexual things you'd like him to do, what he does to you, or what you'd like to do to him. Think about how it feels when he touches your breasts, and then do the same things in the video. If he touches you in a special way or sensuous spot, show him how you can do it by yourself.

Don't just sit or lay there! Get up, move around, wiggle that butt, bend over, touch yourself, and make the sounds he loves to hear. Run your tongue up and around your fingers, fondle your breasts, and explore all those secret places he loves.

If he's a guy that loves the game of pool, how about pointing the camera and making a few shots without panties? Maybe one leg or knee on the rail would be a scenic shot. Climb on the pool table and let him see you from all sides. That's right, front, back, side, and in between those legs. Remember, you are an entertainer, so show your stuff, and please the crowd!

If he loves working on cars, maybe you could be a mechanic in a short skirt, high heels, and a top that exposes almost all. Something wrong under the car? No problem, slide under the car and let him see that you forgot to wear any underwear, or maybe he'd like to see a silky black thong. Whatever his fancy, this is a video tailored just for him.

Getting his heart pounding causes the blood to rush, and we all know what happens when the blood rushes into that certain part of a man's body! Yep, that's right, it's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight!

If he's wanted to see you masturbate, and you've been too shy to let him watch, this would be a perfect way to let loose of your inhibitions. Besides, it's just the camera and you. Let him know more about the hot momma he's hooked up with.

I could go on and on with suggestions and ideas, as the scenarios are limited only by your imagination. So, turn that fantasy loose! You know, that one that you keep safely hidden. He's gonna love you for it, and you're gonna find a new guy standing at your door tonight!


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