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Unique Easter Baskets Kids Love

Updated on February 2, 2017

Easter Baskets

Many of us remember the excitement of preparing for Easter. If you were lucky, you got a new outfit and shiny new shoes. If not so lucky you shined up those old patent leather shoes with Vaseline and they were as good as new.

Every child loves Easter, dying eggs, Easter egg hunts and the best thing of all is your own basket, beautifully decorated and filled with jelly beans, pink and yellow marshmallow chick and that great big chocolate bunny in the middle.

Easter is also a great time for Nana and Grandpa to show how much they love the grands. This year, why not let the grand kids experience the joy of having their own personalized Easter Basket, decorated and personalized basket?

I love these personalized Easter Baskets which are beautifully lined with satin and a child's name engraved on it. No one can get their basket mixed up with anyone else's and this basket says, "you are special!"

Personalized Easter Baskets

The girl's personalized Easter basket comes in one of four colors, pink, blue, lavender or lime .

Each basket will be embroiled in the thread color of your choice and boldly displayed in the front of your basket. Your little guy can have his basket in lime green or bay blue or whatever is his favorite color!

On Easter morning, you child will be delighted to see they own basket adorned with their own name.

One of the best things is you can put exactly what you want in you little one's basket. So you have control over what you child can eat and fully customize each child's basket to suit them!

17”H x 12" diameter. Removable solid colored liner includes tie closure; spot clean.

Special Theme Easter Basket for Boys

Do it Yourself

There are many people who are very skilled in crafts and may want to create your own personalized Easter baskets for your children or grandchildren. It may even be a project you would like to include the kids in.

Believe me, it will be something they will always remember, helping mom or Nana to make and fill their own personalized basket.

All you need to do is purchase you baskets, measure the satin, or cloth to fit the basket and you will need a special engraving attachment on your sewing machine.

Get creative with your basket. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to use a basket. Use a sand pail or a new clay pot that they can use later to plant seeds or a flowering plant. For a filling, feel free to use moss or chopped hay instead of synthetic grass made for the occasion.

Things you will need:

  • baskets, sand pail, clay pot
  • satin or other cloth
  • special sewing attachment for engraving
  • peat moss
  • synthetic grass

If you are filling several baskets, buy your goodies in bulk at Wal-Mart, your local drug store or get everything you need right here.

Fill your baskets to your hearts content, add toys, sugar free jelly beans, books, stuffed toys and more!

Easter Basket Idea for Girls

Ready to Go Easter Baksets

OK, so you are not crafty, you don't have a sewing machine to engrave the name on a basket and that is fine.

Some grands may not be able to get out or may not have the time to buy baskets, supplies and make up baskets for all your children or grand children.

Never feel guilty if you don't want to do it yourself.  The main thing is that you show your children you remember them at Easter.

Not to worry, you can always buy ready made baskets to send to your little darlings. The main thing, is that you have remember your darlings on Easter.

Special Themes

A very personal way to present an Easter basket is to do a theme that is a favorite of the child.  If you have a little boy who loves, truck, dinosaurs or a special super heroes, make that the theme of the basket, with books, toys, comic books with that particular theme. 

For a little girl, make her theme suit her tastes, such as Dora the Explorer, little princess, or what her favorite characters are.  Use her favorite colors and add toys, books and dolls to off her favorite character.

I like to put in a child's bible or a book on the story of Easter, so that they know the true meaning of the day!

Sharing Easter with Forgotten Kids

Another wonderful project for those of you "Craft Queens," is getting a group together and making baskets for children, in a needy family or in a children's ward of a hospital or foster homes.

Find out how many children you will be making them for and each one's name. Your ladies will be given the names of the children they will be making baskets for and your ladies hopefully will not have any surprises.

I know it may be a big task, but what a wonderful way to share Easter to a child less fortunate than your own. What a blessing to use your gifts and talents to make a child happy!


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