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Embroidered Christmas Stockings for Sale - Personalized, Handmade, Needlepoint & More

Updated on March 24, 2011
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For Chris, choosing gifts is like writing a story: By matching the character to the gift, you learn more about people and what they value.

There's something special about traditional embroidered Christmas stockings hanging over a fireplace. No child or adult will reject a Christmas stocking filled with yummy treats, toys, or other stocking stuffers, even if it's made of plastic netting. But an embroidered holiday stocking, often personalized and made of felt or heirloom quality velvet and in deep Christmas colors, adds a warm, old-fashioned feel to Christmas eve, whether it's hanging on the fireplace or a hook on the wall. 

Crafts enthusiasts can hand-embroider their own stockings, and once upon a time, that, and browsing the department stores during the holidays, was the only way to have one. These days, beautiful Christmas socks made to be stuffed with small gifts and that look homemade with embroidery or needlepoint details can enter the home from vendors and crafters who sell their wares online.

Heirloom Red Velvet Christmas Stocking

The picture of this heirloom quality Christmas stocking is small, but it's worth taking a closer look at, because it's - in a word - gorgeous.

This handmade Balinese Christmas stocking features zardozi embroidery on red velvet trimmed in golden cloth. It's designed by an artisan descended from a long line of crafters who produced clothing for royalty. Parvez A. Warsi has decades of experience with embroidery and, along with a team of artisans, makes absolutely beautiful pieces designed to be used for generations.

Country-Look Stockings

For those interested in heirloom stockings, each one of these homestyle needlepoint Christmas stockings is stunning. Made of fabrics such as rich wool and velvet, they depict classic yet unique holiday designs.  Many of these can optionally be monogrammed.

The couple with Christmas tree in the snow is a perfect romantic choice for husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends.

The striped stocking has assorted Christmas-themed patterns and designs.

The beautiful angel stocking has a musical theme and gold accents.

And then there's the festive Nutcracker, Christmas tree and reindeer stocking, crammed full of ornaments and detail - in fact, ideal for cramming in stocking stuffers.

Simple Styles

If you're looking for simple, classic styles - nothing fancy, just basic colors and the option to get them embroidered with the name of a girl or boy - these are perfect.

Some styles allow you to choose your colors of stocking and/or embroidery - red, white, green, gold, silver.

Made of felt, there's a 12", 15", 19", and 24" design. These are very economical - perfect for buying a series for kids or adults.

Personalized Embroidered Christmas Stockings

Rich and Fancy Style

This gorgeous, traditional red embroidered Christmas stocking is warm and luxurious looking and made of quality materials.

It is lined and trimmed and looks stunning when filled to the brim with stocking stuffers.

Disney Embroidered Christmas Stocking for Kids

These Christmas stockings for children are authentic Disney and so much fun for boys and girls who like Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Look at each one close-up. They're absolutely gorgeous, with Disney's usual fine attention to detail and quality, featuring colorful accents, embroidery, and applique.

Personalized Santa Claus Christmas Stocking

St. Nicholas Stocking

With the snow-cap trim (a little hard to see in the thumbnail here against the light background), this sumptuous felt Christmas stocking is a big hit with the little ones.

Featuring a vintage-look Santa Claus and star-topped tree decked in sequins and embroidery, it can be personalized with a boy or girl's name.

Click on the picture to see a bigger image at - the thumbnail does not do this one justice.

For Boys and Girls

Lightning McQueen Fans rejoice! Disney Pixar's Cars is a favorite with the little ones.

This 18" racing themed Christmas stocking has an embroidered tag, decorative applique, and furry trim.

19" Red and White With Candy Cane Embroidery

Gold thread winds through the embroidered trim in this classic design, while the jaunty cuff looks fabulous over the mantle.

Personalized for a Girl - Felt

A little girl will loved to see her name embroidered in silver, gold, red or green on this cute fairy princess Christmas stocking that measures 17" in length.

Embroidered Pet Stocking for XMas

This adorable 17.5" Christmas stocking for dogs is soft, quilted, bright and features bones beribboned in green on a red background.

Big Christmas Stocking

When you need a seriously big stocking that's easy on the pocketbook, here's your candidate. This affordable, oversized Christmas stocking is over 2 feet long and comes with the option to be embroidered with a name.

For Baby

Here's an adorable felt Christmas stocking for a baby to celebrate his or her first Christmas.  Fill it with rattles, toys, and other stocking stuffers babies love. 

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