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Perth Birthday Venues

Updated on March 22, 2012
The Deen, Northbridge
The Deen, Northbridge

Birthdays ought to be celebrated. After all, you need to be thankful for surviving another year of your life without any missing parts. (If you’re lucky!)

There are hundreds of Perth bars, pubs, restaurants, and clubs offering private function rooms or designated spaces for birthday parties, and surely, a true-born Australian from the west can take you to different venues that will guarantee you the time of your life.

What’s the best thing about Perth birthday venues? You don’t have to clean up after the party! Lo and behold as we present you some tips on how to party like a boss in the “City of Lights!”

Perth Party Venues

What type of birthday are you seeking a venue for?

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18th Birthday

Venues are not exactly happy about the idea of 18th birthdays. Of course, you already know what happens during the infamous coming-of-age birthday parties. Since the event is increasingly gaining a bad reputation in Perth venues, some locations doesn’t agree with having an 18th birthday party in their place.

Generally speaking, licensed venues in Perth will be happy to accommodate you when you give them some assurance that you’ll gain control over the event. After all, it’s their responsibility to make sure that everybody’s having a real clean, good time.

When planning your coming-of-age birthday party, you might want to consider these things first to make sure that your chosen venue will allow you to celebrate your birthday:

  • Alcohol-free birthday?
    Surely, a party will never be complete without a little booze. However, if you have invited guests under 18, then you need to think about the drinks you’re going to offer. As you may know, some Perth venues would be happy to provide some wristbands or any sorts of identifier so that they’ll know which ones are allowed to be served with alcoholic beverage. Don’t even think about cheating the efforts of this type of system, or you can kiss your venue goodbye.
  • Kick-out intoxicated guests?
    The key to having a fun event is to drink responsibly. You need to set this rule clearly to your guests since it’s the venue’s legal responsibility and drink too much will not be tolerated.
  • Older guests present?
    Venues would feel more at ease in hosting your party when they know that adults are present in the party. The presence of parents or other older member of the family will set a good example on how to party probably, hence, decreasing the chance of problems during the event.

When all else fails, you can always hire a hall where you can conduct your 18th birthday party. Subiaco, West Perth, Northbridge, Claremont, Wembley have a number of big halls where you can have fun at a friendly budget.

Cleaning up the next day shouldn’t exactly be a problem in these areas since you can always tag your friends along, and still have fun reminiscing moments from the party. Lastly, don’t forget to hire private guards, or informing the police about your little gathering. By doing this, you can keep things from getting out of control.

Claremont Hotel
Claremont Hotel

Beyond PG: 21st Birthday and above!

It’s easier to plan and organize 21st birthdays and above because party venues prefer to cater events to a somewhat “mature” crowd. Also, 21st, 25th, 30th, 40th, etc. birthday parties are more suited for pubs and bars, especially when the guests love to drink.

But, like what Spiderman always says, “With great power comes great responsibility,” so there are still a lot of factors to consider to make sure that your party will be a success.

For instance,

  • Make sure the number of your invited guests should not greatly exceed the maximum number of guest capacity. If this happens, you might have to face a serious problem. Invite only those who you’re friends with.
  • Some venues will require an upfront hiring fee, others require a minimum spend on the bar, some may request both. To make things work, you can set an “initial” bar tab so that guests can just buy their own food and drinks when the tab reached its limit.
  • Visit the venue prior to the party or have your event organizer inspect the place. Less busy hours are around 2.30-4.30pm or 6.30-8.30pm – visit during these times so that the venue staff can entertain you and your queries.
  • Consider looking for Perth 21st venues at or MyBirthdayVenue to give you an idea which places you think will be good for your party. With the advent of internet, looking for places has never been easier!
  • Bear in mind that prices might vary depending on which particular day your event will be held. Weekends usually have premium rates compared to weekdays.
  • Some venues don’t let you bring food, or even balloons inside the place. Make sure that you’ve discussed these things with the venue staff so that you won’t have any problems on the day of the party.
  • Don’t forget to put your contact details in the invitations! While everyone’s familiar with Perth, you’ll still be surprised at how many people arrive late in parties because they got lost. 21Perth will surely help you in mapping our directions for Perth birthday venues.

Have a blast on your special day. Party responsibly!

Perth Venue Suggestions

Universal, Northbridge
Universal, Northbridge
Leederville Hotel, Leederville
Leederville Hotel, Leederville
1907, Perth
1907, Perth


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    • Lucy Piper profile image

      Lucy Piper 

      3 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      Small bars are now rising in every city of Australia, Perth is not different than that. Perth has lot many cocktail bars and restaurants, which offers Friday night clubs, live musical night on Saturday, energetic and versatile cocktail drinks and many more thing apart from the food items. This is the reason why Clubs and Bars are now one of the attraction for the today’s generation. One of the known bar is The Claremont Hotel, who offers all the services with reasonable cost.


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