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Buy Picture Frame Ornaments For Christmas

Updated on November 29, 2012

Decorating With Picture Frame Ornaments

Picture frame ornaments are a wonderful way to capture the spirit of the holidays. You can decorate your Christmas tree with a variety of picture frame ornaments or they make a wonderful Christmas gifts.

They make a wonderful gift because they are a personalized ornament. Rather than just give the ornament as a gift, I like to add a photo. For example, if you are giving a photo frame ornament to a grandparent put a picture of a grandchild in it.

If you are shopping online for picture frame ornaments, you will find a find a large selection. There are many different styles of these ornaments plus you can find them made in many materials.

The best things about photo frame ornaments is they make a photo memory keepsake that can be treasured year after year.

Gift Ideas: Photo Frame Ornaments

On the right side I have a few of the picture frame ornaments you can buy online. As you can see there is a large selection of photo ornaments available and there are many ways to make these great gift ideas:

  • If you know a cat lover, put a favorite cat photo in a cat themed ornament. The same ideas would work for a dog lover.
  • A gift for a couple that were just married, you can put a wedding photo in the wedding frame ornament.
  • You can buy a set of matching ornaments and place a family member photo in each one for a family gift.
  • Photo frame ornaments can be used to commemorate each year of a child growing up. A collection of these are a memorable way to keep for the each holiday season.
  • A family photo frame ornament that is dated can be used to hold a family Christmas photo for that year.
  • You can decorate a tree with an entire collection of only photo frame ornaments that would make a really cool themed Christmas tree.
  • Put a baby photo in a baby's first Christmas photo frame ornament. This is one that will hang on Christmas tree year after year.

Gift: Digital Photo Frame Ornament

One of my favorite photo frame ornaments is a digital photo frame ornament which holds a slide show of favorite photos. You can also show individual photos.

It really is a perfect holiday gift to send to family or friends that are far away when you include the photos. The recipient can also add the photos if you prefer.

A gift like this is special, personalized and unique. Anyone would love a digital photo frame ornament that they can use year after year. Of course its a great ornament to buy yourself also.

Buying Picture Frame Ornaments On Ebay

Ebay is a great place to buy picture frame ornaments. You can find a really unique selection of ornaments that you can buy as gifts or for yourself.

On the right I have a sampling of the some of the picture frame ornaments that are currently for sale on Ebay. The current bid is also listed which is often reflective of the final asking price. 

Ebay is a very easy place to shop online. You simply find the picture frame ornaments you like, bid on it and if you are the winning bidder it will be shipped right to your home. 

I have found that shopping on Ebay is fun. You can get some really great deals on items that you are looking for by shopping on Ebay. Plus the selection is awesome because thousand of people sell on Ebay every day.

Picture Frame Ornaments
Picture Frame Ornaments
Buy Picture Frame Ornaments Online
Buy Picture Frame Ornaments Online


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