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Plan a Christmas Scavenger Hunt Party

Updated on November 6, 2009

Let's Have a Scavenger Hunt!

A holiday scavenger hunt at your next party can produce a new twist. Are you needing some fun Christmas party game ideas? Whether you're planning an all-adult or a family get together party a scavenger hunt can be a welcome break from the usual party scenario.

Instead of having guests sitting or standing around, munching on snacks with a drink in their hands, the addition of interaction can keep the entertainment going. The idle chit-chat can become a bit boring after awhile, and excessive drinking can bring the party to a screeching halt.

Scavenger items can be tailored to the theme of the party, such as a bridal shower, engagement party, tetrachloride or bachelor party, or holidays. Place the items for the Christmas scavenger hunt before the guests, so the scavenger hunt will be a surprise to all.

Here's some items that could be included for a scavenger party hunt:

Family Christmas Scavenger Hunt:

  • A Santa wearing an untraditional outfit, like maybe a doll or figurine Santa with or without a red suit, or attired in his underwear!

  • An upside down candle in a candle holder.

  • Hide a pair of Christmas panties in the tree.

  • Rudolph with a green nose (painted with watercolors and remove later).

  • Angel donning a square halo.

  • A partially eaten candy cane hidden in the tree.

  • A snowman wearing a cowboy hat.

Office Christmas Party:

  • A pair of mens boxer shorts (hidden in the lunch room)

  • Ladies thongs (in the boss's in box)

  • An upside down phone receiver in the unit's cradle (holder).

  • Pack of condoms hidden in the office tree.

  • A motel room key hidden in the CEO's mail box.

  • An Easter bunny ornament

  • Santa letter, hidden in a waste can.

  • Receipt from an adult store.

Bachlorette or Bachelor Party:

  • Naughty pacifier

  • Handcuffs

  • Sexy panties

  • Body paints

  • Battery operated toys

  • How To Books

  • Deck of cards with adult-type pictures

  • Condoms

  • Edible panties

The scavenger items need to be noticeable, yet blend in so they don't stand out. They should be sitting or hanging around the room as if they were meant to be there. Use colors that blend in with the Christmas decor or party theme, so they will be harder to spot.

Let your imagination run wild and place the items in strategic places. The winner could be allowed to keep the items they find, plus adding a prize, such as, a gift certificate related to the theme of the party.


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