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Plan a Perfect Birthday Party (Guide for Ideal Celebration)

Updated on August 31, 2017

Birthdays are joyous occasions where one gets to celebrate the day that they were born. It is no shock that we enjoy celebrating this day surrounded by our loved one. Planning a perfect birthday party requires a lot of planning and attention-to-details that some find exciting while others struggle under the demands. Here, we have compiled a detailed step-by-step guide to help you plan the perfect birthday party that will be seamless and unforgettable.

Guide for a Fantastic Birthday Party

Step 1. Create a “rough” idea

The first thing you’ll need to do is to come up with a rough idea of what you wish to have and not have during this day. For example; who’s the party for; Is this going to be a child’s party or for an adult? Will you host your party during a weekend or a weekday? Where do you foresee hosting it – home or a paid venue? How many people would you hope to have, how much do you envision yourself spending? This rough idea will, later on, translate into a full-blown event.


Step 2. Set the date and time

Now that you have decided to host a birthday party, the next step is to set a date. Most people prefer to host a party on a weekend as more people are available then while others prefer to host during the week. This decision will be up to you as well as what sort of party you have in mind – are you looking for a full-blown event or a simple family& friend’s gathering? It’s recommended to host a child’s party in the late morning or early afternoon as it’s the most convenient time for families. If you are throwing a party for an adult, evening hours are most suitable.


Step 3. Set your budget

How much are you willing to spend? Are you hosting this event alone or are there other contributor’s involved? Combine your money and stick with whatever amount you have.


Step 4. Create a checklist

Now that you have a rough idea of how much you can spend, it’s time to create a checklist. Here, you shall jot down everything related to this party. You should also quote prices starting with venue (home or looking to hire grounds), infrastructure (tables, tents), décor, F & B requirements, entertainment, and party favors. NOTE: You might have to do a bit of research and Tele calling in order to figure out how much items cost.

Venue – If you are looking to hire ground for the event, then it's highly important that you make a site visit beforehand. This will allow you to generate an idea of how much space you’ll have to work with and where your items will go (tents, chairs, etc.)

Invites – Now that you settled on a date choose a theme for your party and personalize your invites by using a birthday invitation. You can opt to print out invites yourself or have a professional do it for you.

Infrastructure – Are guests going to stay indoors or is a guest tent more appropriate? Do you plan to have a bar, cocktail tables, bar stools, lunch tables, etc.? If yes, then start hunting around for a vendor that will provide you with a reasonable quote and one that is willing to deliver and setup a day before the actual event.

Décor – Following the theme selected, your décor should mirror it to the tee. Try to stay consistent even with napkins, table cloths, etc. Do you need to print out any artwork? Countless printable party artworks can be found on Pinterest. Search for preferred artwork and print them out.

F & B – This is where you’ll plan your food and drinks menu. What sort of food setup do you have in mind? What about drinks? What type of cake are you going to buy and how big? Do you plan to hire outside catering services or are you going to prepare the food yourself? Are you going to hire wait staff and bartenders or is it a self-service event?

Entertainment - For a kid’s party, sort out for entertainment such as Go karts, Star jump, Trampoline, etc. (depending on your child’s age). Younger children thrive on magicians and face painters. Another excellent idea is to have a custom photo booth and photo pros – for both kids as well as adults.

Party favors – Are you planning to show your loved ones off with a souvenir? You can get branded party favors such as t-shirts or have themed ‘thank you notes’ printed out.


Step 5. Day After

This is also known as “take down day.” It’s now time to clean off everything and finish paying off any vendors you had used.

FAQ’s about Birthday Party Planning


When should I start planning?

Depending on how elaborate you want the day to be, you can start as early as 2-3 weeks or as late as 24 hours prior.

What can I substitute for a birthday cake?

Options are limitless. Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pies, or even ice cream are perfectly acceptable

How long should a birth-day party last?

Simply put, for little ones up to 3 years, a 1-hour party is enough. 4-7 years, plan for one and a half hours, 8-11 years, plan a two-hour party, 12-15, a three-hour event should suffice.

Who should I invite to my preschooler’s event?

It’s best to exclude your close friends and invite your child’s friends and parents from the day care or playground

How many friends should I invite?

For a preschooler, invite friends of his age plus one. For older kids, you can be more flexible.

Should I invite their parents as well?

That is up to you entirely. However, if you do invite your child’s entire classroom, be sure to emphasize that parents should attend with their children.

When should I send out invitations?

At least two weeks and not more than four as this will give attendees enough time to plan themselves and purchase a gift.

Should I have a theme?

A theme is an excellent idea as it helps you organize what you’ll need before time. It’ll help you settle on colors, cake ideas, etc.

Is it better to plan a party myself?

This depends on your budget. Seeking out a reasonable party planner will ease your mind and allow you to enjoy the day without having to run up and down all-day long.



Most people forget to include transport cost during an event’s planning stage. Keep in mind that all items under infrastructure will require transportation charges.

Stock up

Do not forget to stock up on ice, napkins, trays, rubbish bins and bags. Many people forget to purchase extra trash bags needed for the cleanup process.

Day before delivery

All infrastructure should be delivered a day before an actual event. This will allow for fast setup. Even the birthday cake should be delivered the night before – this will help eliminate any uncertainties during the big day.

Music Options

If you plan to have a custom playlist for your music, do not fill it up with your favorite songs. If unsure, it’s best to create folders with different music genres.

Organize to the tee

If you are using vendor services, always coordinate on setup and take down days and time before an event. This makes setting up and clean-up that much easier.

Deal with vendors

Never pay a full amount to vendors before the event – always give them a 25% deposit and settle the rest when the event is complete. This will ensure promptness and excellent service.

Keep in mind

  • If it’s too overwhelming for you, do not hesitate to ask for help – or hire help if you can afford it.
  • Be aware of any potential allergies and have food and drink options for all.
  • Weather can change at a moment’s notice, so it’s always best to have a backup plan for any outdoor event.

Few Tricks on Planning the Birthday Party


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