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Planning a corporate event

Updated on February 8, 2016

When planning for any corporate event, there are a few factors that need to be considered to ensure that everything goes off of smoothly as possible. These include finding a location, hiring equipment and also catering the event

Finding the location

Before you do anything else, the most important part of any corporate event is ensuring that you’ve got enough space to accommodate the attendants. Depending on when in the year that you would like to carry out the event, some venues may end up charging more money especially if they know that there will be others interested in hosting their event at the same time.

Due to this, it is better to book a venue as soon as possible and usually overestimate the numbers you think you’ll be getting in terms of attendees.

If it is the case the event will last for a few days it would be worthwhile to approach local hotels to see if they are able to provide rooms at a discounted rate for the people attending the event.


Whilst the venue that you have chosen will be able to provide you with access to electricity, not every venue will also be able to provide you with the equipment list that you need. Depending on the event, some venues will have the basic equipment such as a microphone and speaker system.

However, if it is the case that there are going to be numerous people on stage at the same time or you need more than one projector screen then there are three potential options you can go down at this stage.

The first is that you hire more equipment from the venue provider, but be aware that this is a way for them to make a bigger profit margin on their sale. Depending on how old the equipment is, it could be the case that it might not actually be worthwhile for you to rent if from them since it would have a negative effect on the event as a whole.

The second option would be to hire the same equipment from an outside company. By doing so it will most likely be cheaper than hiring it from the venue thus you are saving a large sum of money. The only downside of this is that if you have any issues with this, the venue might not provide support on products that aren’t their own.

The third option would be for you to buy the equipment outright. This can be extremely costly to do so. However, the benefit of this is that if it is the case that you’ll be putting on a lot of events each year, the money you have invested in this equipment will actually save you money over time since you’re not continuously renting it. The best bet when it comes to buying this equipment would be to go to Amazon since they usually have the best prices around.


Catering can actually be a fairly big issue regardless if the event is a small one. Let’s say for example that at an event there are going to be 100 attendees. This is a large number of people to provide for and it is a lot more difficult than your company simply asking some people to come up with some sandwiches at home and hoping for the best that it will be more than enough.

This is exactly why it is much better to hire a corporate caterer to carry out this task for you. By doing so, not only is the stress being taken out of making certain foods within the time frame but also the fact that when it comes to caterers, they are professionals that will be able to assist you in coming up with a wealth of food that will meet the needs of your attendees.

Everyone has different dietary needs and these can range from those that are vegetarian, veganism, the need for halal meet and also those that need gluten free food. No matter what the situation might be, hiring a caterer is a way to safe guard yourself from the possible risk of cross contamination of any food.

Further, from personal experience it can be extremely difficult to transport a large amount of prepared food from one location to another. When you hire a professional caterer for this task, this issue is taken away from you since they will be able to transport the food for you instead.

This is a much better alternative since they will have the appropriate equipment to transfer the food so that it doesn’t get damaged, as well as maintaining it at a proper temperature whilst it is in transit. A great way to search for a caterer in your area would be typing, for example, into Google 'Corporate caterers in Manchester' Of course, if you lived in London you would Google it for London instead.


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