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Christmas comes once a year - plan in advance

Updated on November 9, 2014

Before we know it, it's now that time of the year when the Christmas lights are being turned on. It's now that time when Chris Rea's single Driving home for Christmas is blaring in almost every pub and our air waves. Likewise,All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey is also gracing our pubs and air waves. Revelers and the populace at large are at a point of no return - they are in the festive mood. They are Christmas mad! Money is exchanging hands.Borrowing and spending money is at fever pitch. Business is brisk in almost every country which celebrates Christmas.The Christmas fever is gripping everyone - it's taking all of us by storm.

Indeed Christmas comes but once a year, when it comes it puts a lot of strain on people's budgets. Most people feel pressured when Christmas is around the corner. They make a last ditch bid to put their houses in order and to make ends meet on Christmas. They start running about buying presents for their loved ones and searching for bargains when it is too late. When Christmas eventually comes and go, many are left with huge amounts of debts to repay in the new year. Some are even left bed ridden with stress or depression.To avoid that last ditch bid preparation for Christmas people must learn to plan in advance.

My grey haired grandpa always say,a stitch in time saves nine. Equally the same the woman with an accent next door is fond of saying, make hay whilst the sun shines. She will be actually making hay in the blazing heat in her paddock. This has taught me to plan in advance and to embrace life with foresight. I may want to share this advise of planning in advance for Christmas with all those who celebrate Christmas. This advise might help us to celebrate Christmas in style and not in agony. Proper planning prevents failure and a life of debts.

Christmas shoppers must not be found wanting like the biblical bridesmaids who didn't prepare for the bridegroom on time. The high held belief is that good planning in advance for Christmas spares individuals from the agony of frantic buying few days before Christmas. Most prices tend to go up at fever pitch level on the run up to Christmas. On the run up to Christmas the supply and demand for goods and services quadruples hence retailers take advantage of the demand and prices sky rocket - Indeed the time to strike the iron at its hottest point should be months before Christmas - absolutely the early bird catches the fat worm. People should start putting their resources together early in preparation for the next Christmas. Shopping and keeping presents in advance wouldn't be a bad idea. The earlier the better.

People should start planning for the next Christmas sooner than later. It might be ideal to plan for the next Christmas soon after Boxing Day. It is common knowledge and usual trend that many High street shops reduce their prices remarkably as from Boxing Day and the subsequent days that follow.This is the ripe time to buy presents for the next Christmas. It is not unusual to find reductions of up to 75%.If people capitalise on this, they are assured of the peace of mind the next Christmas. Indeed with early planning it's most unlikely that one will go wrong the following Christmas. When we change from winter to summer a lot of High street shops sale their winter clothes at reduced price. This is the right time to buy clothes and keep as Christmas presents.

The winter clothes bought by the onset of summer would be the ideal presents for Christmas in Europe since Christmas is in Winter. This would be a clever way of buying warm clothing as Christmas presents for your kith and kin. It also makes sense to buy Christmas cards in abundance for example this year then leave some to use the following year. By so doing one would guard against the rise of prices. It is most likely that prices of goods and services rise each year, if this happens there is nothing to worry about because unused Christmas cards from the previous year will be at your disposal. The Christmas tree and Christmas lights bought the previous year need not be disposed but to be stored at a safe place for future use.

The adage make hay whilst the sun last sums it all.Early preparations for the festive season relieve families from unnecessary strain when approaching the festive season. Family budgets won't be stretched if there is early planning. Start putting a little bit of money aside from January by the time October comes there would be a reasonable sum of money to buy presents for the loved ones. If people can adopt a culture of slotting some coins into an improvised cash bank at home during the times of plenty cash at their disposal, this would pay dividends when the time to shop for Christmas comes. Indeed every little helps there goes the Tesco motto.

People can also initiate what I may call 'money rounds' this is whereby a group of say five people take turns to give each other a certain agreed amount of money from January to October. This can help those who can't save, to have the opportunity to save something for Christmas.Another thing people can do as a group in preparation for Christmas is to start saving for what I may call Christmas food hampers.This would assure them a peace of mind as far as food for Christmas is concerned. They would only need to buy perishables, days before Christmas, the bulk of the food would have been bought through the Christmas food hampers scheme. This approach of buying Christmas food hampers for members would definitely assure members of adequate food on Christmas Day.They can share their food hampers a week before Christmas.

For those who have enough land to spare they can keep their Turkeys and Chickens for their on consumption and to sale to clients. During the Christmas season a lot of people have a voracious appetite for turkey and chicken products hence there would be a readily available market for them. It is ideal to plan the project with Christmas in mind. People should learn to plan for Christmas early so that they wont end up taking pay day loans to cushion them up for Christmas. Once one starts taking these pay day loans ,it becomes habitual and one ends in debt. Indeed a stitch in time saves nine and it is equally important to make hay whilst the sun lasts - Why waiting, let's get started to prepare for an enjoyable Christmas?

Money saving schemes as a group with a local bank can guarrantee those involved in the scheme a lovely Christmas - a good beginning makes a happy ending in this case a happy Christmas. Those are technically may be aware that a house with a firm foundation can with stand problems arising in the future, hence good and early proper planning helps, AS WE count down to Christmas may I say,happy planning, happy shopping and merry Christmas in advance. Remember not to drink and drive this Christmas.


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