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Poems, Verses and Words for Greeting Cards

Updated on February 17, 2014

Wishing You a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday | Source
Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes | Source
Wishing you a Happy Birthday
Wishing you a Happy Birthday | Source

Happy Birthday Verse

Birthday; A day that distinguishes one person from another and a unique date or day that defines when a person makes an entrance into the World.

Birthdays are official and personal at the same time and requires certain words from the heart to make the commemoration special. Often times, we get what we want in cards and other times those cards require additional words. When the latter occurs, one should be able to improvise.

To Improvise, Consider these:

  • Use words that are simple, straight forward and heartwarming. Ones feelings or emotions are easily understood when simplified.
  • Dig deep and go for personality. The best verses come up when memories of the person it is written for is still fresh. Also the person may have exhibited certain qualities that can be inserted or posed in writing.
  • Go for sweet and romantic when required.
  • Write about Belief. Some people may have religions and will want religious quotes.
  • Be inspirational. inspiring words are nice to add to verses in some cases depending on who the verse is for. Tweak the words a little and come up with something simple but unique

Here are a few Birthday Verses to consider before making a draft

1) Personality Birthday Verse:

The Uniqueness of a person is shown with time

But you made an entrance into the world with a truckload

Years back it was seen in bits and now its in full flare

Stand tall and smile because the day is yours


2) Sweet and romantic happy birthday verse(Rhyme):

This day, you are the best of the batch

When compare, there could be no match

For you were made to be loved

with feelings that cannot be moved

To you, are divine blessings to cherish

Gifts, smiles and your laughter never to diminish

On this day that is made just for you

So splendid, sweet, special and unique too

I wish you a Happy Birthday

And a magnificent Gift-day


3) Smile:

My wish is to make you smile

With my gift, card or words

because your smile lights up the world

And the world is yours today

So smile and wield it


4) Dashing:

The sun did rise today

Beautifully without dismay

To send a due greeting

to the one who deserves much caring

I just want your day to be smashing

because you are simply dashing


When the right message is sent, the person that receives it feels cherished and the person that sent it gets some satisfaction too. That right message comes from the heart and when put down on paper or card, can turn into the right Birthday verse that will light up the sky when presented. It may be an attempt at a Happy Birthday verse but to someone, it may turn out to be a great and Happy Birthday wish


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