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Practical, Yet Pleasing Gifts: Get One of These Unusual Pens

Updated on November 20, 2010

Spy Pens for the Secret Agent Wannabes

Do you want to give something practical but not boring? Something exciting, but useful?

Pens are certainly practical but usually not considered a creative gift likely to produce oohs, aahs or wows. But wait...unless you give him or her one of these unconventional pens:

Is she a fan of spy novels or addicted to James Bond movies? How about one of these spy pens to feed her inner secret agent!

The Spy Cam Pen has a hidden video recorder with 8 GB of memory for capturing video undercover.

Or maybe the Mossad Covert Ink Spy Pen will be more intriguing . This one has disappearing, reappearing ink!

For the Military Minded

Maybe he’s a fan of military history and collects war memorabilia.  The perfect gift for him is a bullet pen!  These pens are made with real gun bullets—sans ammunition of course!

Pen That Scrolls Handy Paper

Maybe she’s not into spying or warring but she loves writing and sometimes gets inspiration at the most unlikely times and is unprepared with paper.  Or maybe she just needs something to jot things to do or get at the store that suddenly come to mind.  Here’s a pen that scrolls paper!  A roll of paper is concealed inside the barrel of this Scroll Pen.

Executive Yoromen Eases Hand Cramps

Maybe he takes a lot of notes and complains of hand cramps. Give him the Yoropen executive pen—specially designed for comfort to alleviate hand strain. Very sleek and classy looking, it is available in blue or black ink.

Sterling Silver Limited Edition Pen

Sterling Silver Limited Edition Pen

Perhaps, instead of a gimmick, you just want to give something truly elegant!  This pen made of sterling silver and a bit of 18K gold could be classified as an investment as well a writing implement.  It’s made by Shaeffer in a limited edition.  Each one is numbered and packaged in a lovely cherry wood box and comes with refill ink.

Surely one of these pens is bound to impress even those hardest to please. And every time they use it, they will think of you!!


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