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Precious Gifts Collections for the Holiday Season

Updated on July 7, 2012

Here comes Christmas

Many of us are celebrating Christmas every year and one way to celebrate Christams is by gift giving - giving precious gifts to our love ones. We celebrate it in many different ways. Some people celebrates it by visiting close relatives or having a family reunion. some celebrate it by travelling. We also celebrate it by gift-giving between relatives, friends and co-workers. In Christian way however gift giving originates from the Three Kings who offered gifts to the new born Messiah. All in all gift-giving for me is a sign of love and appreciation. I don't believe however that we have to force our self to give gift if we can't afford to, financially. Instead of giving material things, we can give gift through kindness, kind gestures to one another, kind words and understanding. I think that is better than any material things on earth.

Buy or not to Buy

Having said that, those who can afford to buy precious gifts, why not? We can always save a little for a special occasions. We are only human beings, and being human we have eyes that see and appreciate beautiful things, we have ears that hear beautiful music, and we have our physical body that needs to wear nice clothes and a pair of feet to wear a nice boots on winter. If you are a mother, it is all your happiness to see your child play her first doll, or your teenager to use her first cellphone, or your husband wear his favorite leather jacket that he has been hoping to buy 5 years ago. As long as we don't over splurge, I think we will be okay.


Jewelry gift

For a woman jewelry is something that they want for a present. Jewelries are precious gifts for women and makes a woman's eyes spark. Women in history like jewelry, from Cleopatra of yesteryear to present-day Cleopatra. It is because, in my opinion, women themselves are Jewels. I have here some jewelry collections from Amazon that made my eyes popped. Let's start from the gold and precious stones, in other words, the more expensive ones. The picture on the right is a genuine Emerald with diamonds and in white gold. This little thing is very pretty and a nice color for Christmas. It has a .40 cttw genuine emerald stone surrounded with diamonds which give it a more sophisticated look.

The other emerald pendant has a bigger stone of 1 carat natural genuine emerald with 3 tiny diamonds of .06 ct. If you want just a bigger emerald stone this one is a good style. Both of them have 14 K white gold. Since it is Christmas holiday times, most of the stores including Amazon are cutting prices. Emerald is said to be the sacred stone of Goddess Venus. It is a symbol of faith and hope. Ancient people believe it has healing powers. The stone is called beryl and beryl have different colors, one is emerald green, which is the Emerald. It is found mostly in Colombia and Brazil.

An expensive emerald possess a pure vivid green hue and is internally flawless and high degree of transparency. A very rare Emerald is said to be more expensive than a diamond. Good emerald itself is rare so people have develop ways to produce a lab-created emeralds.

Once in a while women who doesn't wear much jewelry wears it during special occasions such as Christmas parties, dinner parties, entertainment with friends and relatives and date nights. They want to look their very best during these occasions. Each woman have different taste of what kind of jewelry to wear. Sometimes it depends on what clothes they are wearing or others believe in a certain color that is suitable to their personality. Emerald is a May birth stone and a Cancer Zodiac stone.

Aside from emerald, we have Ruby. It is a July birth stone and a Capricorn Zodiac stone. Am I making you confused? So am I. These stones are now very confusing because each month have different stones sometimes they overlap. There is the main stone of each month and an alternate stones. And there is the birth stone and Zodiac stone. Plus there is an ancient birth stones and modern birth stones. Each month ends up with so many stones. Love, passion, success, power and luck are associated with Ruby. Some people who play in a game show on TV wear red clothing.

The most popular Sapphire is the blue sapphire. It can be of different color like pink, white, black and gold. It is a September birthstone and a Taurus Zodiac Stone. However there are many versions of these Zodiac stones and birthstones that it is very confusing which one is correct one, so I just stick with these version. All these precious stones namely the emerald, ruby and sapphire are indeed very precious gifts for any special occasions.

Diamond is known to be the hardest precious stone of all and our top precious gifts collection. For me diamond is good to accent the colored precious stones so it makes the colored stone sparkle more. It brings out the color by providing contrast. It is also nice to have a big diamond center stone surrounded by smaller ones. The smaller stones make the center stone look bigger, which is a good thing, because it will look bigger without too much increase in price. On the other hand, a Solitaire from 1 carat and above is also good. Some people like solitaire and not mess up with other small stones. The good thing with solitaire is, it looks clean and you will actually see the real size of the diamond. Either one is fine. I have a selections here of diamond engagement rings and diamond anniversary rings.

The price of precious stones are getting more expensive so many people would prefer the lab-created stones, simulated stones, cubic zirconia and crystal. Some Lab-created stones can be very good quality that sometimes people will not be able to tell whether it is natural and genuine or not. That's why the manufacturers have to declare whether the stone is natural or genuine or lab-created. The lab-created is of course made in a laboratory with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as the natural diamond, which means it is not imitation. Synthetic and lab-created diamonds are man made diamonds.

Simulated diamond is different from synthetic or lab-created diamond because it has different properties from the natural diamond. The example is the cubic zirconia which is a diamond simulant. The only properties that are similar with natural diamond is optical. A good quality cubic zirconia resembles a natural diamond. But they are not diamond. So it is confusing too, because sometimes they call lab-created diamond or synthetic diamond as a simulated diamond.

I recommend synthetic or lab-created stones too as well as cubic zirconia if they have a higher quality. The price is a lot lower than a genuine diamond. A high quality lab-created diamond is expensive too and the cubic zirconia is a lot cheaper.

Few other recommendations

As the Ipod craze go on, I would like to recommend also the Apple Ipods for those who don't have it yet. The Ipod touch plays music, video, TV shows, podcasts, photos, applications and HD video recording. It has a powerful A4 processor, game center, Face time, retina display, Safari web browser and e-mail. It plays up to 40 hours audio and 7 hours video. Choose between 8GB, 32 and 64 GB. Ipod classic is 160 GB and plays up to 36 hours audio and up to 6 hours video. It also plays music, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks and photos.

Winter time is so cold and I like to recommend winter boots. It is so much comfortable during very cold weather to wear boots. I had a bad experience with not wearing boots during very colds weather days. So it became a first necessity for me. So keep warm always. Whatever precious gifts you choose for the precious people in your life always remember that those are just material gift and the number one precious gifts of all is love, caring and understanding to our love ones.


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    • Ipeoney profile image

      Ipeoney 6 years ago from USA

      Hi fayehelen, Ugg probably wouldn't be best for heavy snow as you say but they are nice styles. There must be some other sturdier boots for snow. I don't own Ugg yet but I love the style and that is one of my Christmas list.

    • fayehelen profile image

      fayehelen 6 years ago

      Thanks for a useful hub. Agree with the winter boots, and LOVE Ugg style boots - not so great in the snow though (as I found out last year lol).

      Best wishes, fayehelen :)

    • Ipeoney profile image

      Ipeoney 6 years ago from USA

      Hi Angarastone, thanks for the comment. Thanks for your appreciation of my showcase. I love looking at beautiful jewelry too.

    • profile image

      Angarastone 6 years ago

      Great hub.These all gemstone and diamond jewelry very beautiful.