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Famous People Born or Celebrated in February

Updated on September 29, 2018
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In many ways, music saved my life, and I have the most famous director of the USMC bands to thank for it!

Mount Rushmore Presidents
Mount Rushmore Presidents | Source

Many famous people were born or did exploits in February. This includes U.S. Presidents, astronauts, and people who love Valentine's Day. Writers around HubPages have written about them!

American Presidents

Presidential Heroes In February

In the former Soviet Union, premiers, taxi drivers, astronauts, and other citizens often received the national award called Hero of the Soviet Union from 1934 - 1991. This award was a recognition for contributions toward the success of the country. One of these awards went to the world's first female astronaut.

The US President via Congress awards the Congressional Gold Medal yearly to similarly accomplished individuals and has done so since 1776. America has many other heroes and some of them are recognized in holidays.

President's Week in the USA is celebrated during the third week of February every year and President's Day, which honors George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, is observed on that Monday. Until 1968, each of these two men were honored with his own day of celebration.

Some US States and local communities still celebrate Lincoln's Birthday as its own holiday. Information Please Almanacs tell us that Congress never officially named the single holiday of the two presidents' birth as "Presidents Day." Some communities call it "Washington and Lincoln Day."

As is true of most national holidays currently, President's Day sales commercials are filled with dancing and gesturing Washingtons and Lincolns as they advertise mattresses and sofas.

A break-dancing Abraham Lincoln in a TV ad seems a little weird -- What will Barack Obama impersonators be selling in the future, do you think?

Well Known Writers

President Lincoln was a fan of reading and so are most good writers.

HubPages previously recognized new writers on the site through the popular vote that awarded the Rising Star Accolade. You may be interested in reading some of their writings, although the accolade is no longer awarded on the site.

  • My Hubscore is 1 -- I've written great articles, made money, and have many followers. But I have a hubscore of 1! Here's how it happened and how you can avoid it.
  • How to Hold Your Own Hub Retreat -- Do you need help getting motivated to write your Hubs? Do you feel you're weak in some areas of Hub-related knowledge, but strong in others? Get together with a friend for a Hubbing retreat!

Heroes in Space

Color formal portrait of Annie Glenn and John Glenn in his spacesuit as a crew member on the Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-95, 1998.
Color formal portrait of Annie Glenn and John Glenn in his spacesuit as a crew member on the Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-95, 1998. | Source
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Aerospace Educator Heroes

February 20 is John Glenn Friendship 7 Day in Ohio, commemorating the first orbital flight by an American many decades ago. Without his flight and his years of advocacy, we would not have the opportunities of space business, new jobs, and new research extant today - not to mention a new sense of wonder at the Universe.

Senator Glenn (Democrat-OH, retired) is 94 years old and teaching in his School of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University, advocating for service, education, and science.His example is one reason that I joined the Civil Air Patrol's Aerospace Educator group.

With so many public figures entrenched in scandal or dying, John Glenn is solid and productive as a nonagenarian. Celebrations across Ohio began continue throughout each weekend that falls closest to February 20 annually.

The Hubs below were included in voting for HubNuggets during the thrid week of February 2012, as were the ones listed above. The Hubs below were included in the topic of Education and Science. Their authors are also still members of HubPages, so see what they are up to.

The most important thing we can do is inspire young minds and to advance the kind of science, math and technology education that will help youngsters take us to the next phase of space travel.

— John H. Glenn, Jr.; American Marine, War Veteran, Astronaut, Senator and Professor; age 94
John Glenn: A Memoir
John Glenn: A Memoir
This book always reminds reminds me of when, in his mid-nineties, Glenn still taught at the The Ohio State University. His wife Annie has a lot to remember. I feel sure that you will enjoy his long history from Ohio to the cosmos to Washington DC and back to Ohio. A hero of the movie The Right Stuff, there is no one like this last survivor of America's Mercury Astronauts, America's first class of space-faring people.

The John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University, Columbus

John Glenn, OSU:
The John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, USA

get directions

Life and Love Heroes

Great for Valentine's Day! From the collection "Gender Heroes" at M4H.
Great for Valentine's Day! From the collection "Gender Heroes" at M4H. | Source

Relationships as a part of the Gender and Relationships Hubpages topic of Paired Life is one of the most popular topic area on the Internet.


All About Love

  • The Sexiness of Self-Worth
    The biggest obstacle men and women face in the initial stages of dating is fear. Everyone has felt “not good enough” at one time or another. A man may fear rejection and a woman fears she isn’t pretty or shapely enough.
  • Traditional Cambodian (Khmer) Wedding Ceremonies
    This is the story of my traditional Khmer (Cambodian) wedding that took place in the spring of 2008. We combined Khmer traditions with American traditions (and even some Korean ones) and had a wonderful wedding! Please read if you want to know more...

Visiting Fellow Hubbers

How many of the above Hubs will you likely visit and read?

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